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This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is. After half a lifetime of watching Colin Bridgerton from afar, she thinks she knows everything about him, until she stumbles across his deepest secret and fears she doesn't know him at all. Special features: One: Behind the novel: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn; two. Editorial Reviews. Review. Setting: Regency England. Sensuality: 7 . Penelope edition by Julia Quinn. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Romancing Mr Bridgerton Ebook

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Romancing Mister Bridgerton

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Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Bridgerton Bridgerton 4. Julia Quinn.

Bridgerton Bridgerton, Book 4. Read more. Bridgerton 04 - Romancing Mr Bridgerton. Romancing Mr Bridgerton. Romancing Mr Bridgerton Epilogue. Bridgerton 2nd Epilogue.

Romancing Mister Bridgerton. There were a few people with whom she seemed able to speak.

Lady Bridgerton, of all people, took a liking to her, and Penelope found that she could often tell things to the lovely viscountess that she would never dream of saying to her own mother. It was through Lady Bridgerton that she met Eloise Bridgerton, the younger sister of her beloved Colin.

Eloise was also just-turned seventeen, but her mother had wisely allowed her to delay her debut by a year, even though Eloise possessed the Bridgerton good looks and charm in abundance.

If Penelope had thought she loved him before, that was nothing compared to what she felt after actually getting to know him.

Colin Bridgerton was witty, he was dashing, he had a devil-may-care jokester quality to him that made women swoon, but most of all… Colin Bridgerton was nice. Such a silly little word. It should have been banal, but somehow it fit him to perfection. He always had something nice to say to Penelope, and when she finally worked up the courage to say something back other than the very basic greetings and farewells he actually listened.

Which made it all the easier the next time around.

This was love. Oh, this was love love love love love love. How wonderful it was to feel love —even the one-sided sort— for a nice person. It made one feel so positively sensible. And Penelope dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. Unfortunately, her mother once again insisted on yellow, orange, and the occasional splash of red. Which at least seemed to imply that Penelope was the most intelligent member of her family, although the compliment was backhanded, indeed.

So Penelope held out hope. Well, not really. She had her third season, then her fourth. Her two older sisters, Prudence and Philippa, finally found husbands of their own and moved away. Featherington held out hope that Penelope might still make a match, since it had taken both Prudence and Philippa five seasons to snare husbands, but Penelope knew that she was destined to remain a spinster.

Until that day. Even now, seven years later, she still referred to it as that day. Anyway, she was walking through the front hall, listening to her feet tap along the marble tile as she saw herself out. She was adjusting her pelisse and preparing to walk the short distance to her own home just around the corner, really when she heard voices. Male voices. Male Bridgerton voices.

It was the three elder Bridgerton brothers: Anthony, Benedict, and Colin. They were having one of those conversations that men have, the kind in which they grumble a lot and poke fun at each other. Penelope had always liked to watch the Bridgertons interact in this manner; they were such a family.

The three Bridgerton men turned to face her with identical horrified faces, and Penelope knew that she had just entered into what would certainly be the most awful five minutes of her life. He opened his mouth, but not a sound came out. I am not going to marry your brother Benedict. Penelope fisted her hands at her sides. Now then, if you will excuse me, gentlemen, I should like to go home.

She nodded, and the two of them took off down the street.

Julia Quinn

I expect your mother has been hounding him to get married. As far as she was concerned there was no greater lady in England. Perhaps he should get away. Colin does enjoy travel. Although he did just return from Wales.

Thank you for accompanying me home. First, Penelope Featherington was seen in the company of not one, not two, but THREE Bridgerton brothers, surely a heretofore impossible feat for the poor girl, who is rather infamous for her wallflower ways. Sadly but perhaps predictably for Miss Featherington, when she finally departed, it was on the arm of the viscount, the only married man in the bunch.

If Miss Featherington were to somehow manage to drag a Bridgerton brother to the altar, it would surely mean the end of the world as we know it, and This Author, who freely admits she would not know heads from tails in such a world, would be forced to resign her post on the spot.

The years drifted by, and somehow, without realizing it, Penelope ceased to be a debutante and found herself sitting with the chaperones, watching her younger sister Felicity —surely the only Featherington sister blessed with both natural beauty and charm— enjoying her own London seasons. Colin developed a taste for travel and began to spend more and more time outside of London; it seemed that every few months he was off to some new destination.

Which was all a twenty-eight-year-old spinster could hope for, right? Unrequited love was never easy, but at least Penelope Featherington was used to it. For those gentle and ignorant readers who are new to town this year, Mr.

Bridgerton is the third in the legendary string of eight Bridgerton siblings hence the name Colin, beginning with C; he follows Anthony and Benedict, and precedes Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Although Mr. Bridgerton holds no noble title and is unlikely ever to do so he is seventh in line for the title of Viscount Bridgerton, behind the two sons of the current viscount, his elder brother Benedict, and his three sons he is still considered one of the prime catches of the season, due to his fortune, his face, his form, and most of all, his charm.

It is difficult, however, to predict whether Mr. Bridgerton will succumb to matrimonial bliss this season; he is certainly of an age to marry three-and-thirty , but he has never shown a decided interest in any lady of proper parentage, and to make matters even more complicated, he has an appalling tendency to leave London at the drop of a hat, bound for some exotic destination. Portia frowned.

She hated when someone —anyone— was aware of gossip before she was. Yesterday afternoon. Hyacinth Bridgerton told her. Portia tapped her finger against the side of her chin, as she always did when she was plotting or scheming. Penelope felt her lips tightening. Or maybe a snug cottage by the sea. But lately Portia had been peppering her conversations with references to her old age and how lucky she was that Penelope could care for her.

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Or that Portia was moderately wealthy in her own right; when her family had settled money on her as a dowry, one-fourth of which had been set aside for her own personal account. What Portia wanted was a slave. Penelope sighed. She was being overly harsh with her mother, if only in her own mind. She did that too often.

Her mother loved her. She knew her mother loved her. And she loved her mother back.

But truly, her mother could try the patience of even the kindest, gentlest of daughters, and as Penelope was the first to admit, she could be a wee bit sarcastic at times. Penelope looked up, startled. She should have known better. Her mother was nothing if not tenacious.

How is he meant to avoid a twelve-year difference between him and his wife? But she needed to put something in her mouth to keep her from saying something horrible and horribly spiteful. Everything her mother said was true. Many ton weddings —maybe even most of them— saw men marrying girls a dozen or more years their junior.

But somehow the age gap between Colin and Felicity seemed even larger, perhaps because… Penelope was unable to keep the disgust off her face. A little sister. Her life loomed long and tedious ahead of her. Anyone can see that Colin Bridgerton is a better catch. Albansdale is in possession of a perfectly respectable fortune. We should be delighted for her. What a coup! I would be the talk of London for weeks. Years, maybe. It was a rather foolish way to vent her anger, but the alternative was to jump to her feet and yell, What about me?

Portia seemed to think that once Felicity was wed, her hopes for a Bridgerton union were forever dashed. Was it so much to wish that her mother thought of her with the same pride she felt for her other three daughters?

It was obvious to Penelope that neither Prudence, Philippa, nor even Felicity had ever had a chance with a Bridgerton.She should have known better. Then, couriers come in with a new Lady Whistledown column. Which made it all the easier the next time around.

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Talk Sweetly to Me. Report as inappropriate. His brother Anthony was leaning against the front of his massive mahogany desk, motioning to him with his own glass of brandy. Penelope felt her lips tightening. Penelope followed Eloise down the stairs. I expect your mother has been hounding him to get married. If Penelope had thought she loved him before, that was nothing compared to what she felt after actually getting to know him.

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