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Read "The Burning Bridge Book Two" by John Flanagan available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The international. The Burning Bridge: Book Two (Ranger's Apprentice series) by John Flanagan. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. cover image of The Burning Bridge. Read A Sample. The Burning Bridge. Ranger's Apprentice Series, Book 2 · Ranger's Apprentice. by John Flanagan. ebook.

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Usually there are two "reasons" why something is done; the reason why it needs to be done, and, quite separate, the reason people want to do it. The foul-up. eBook . The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice Book 2) The Burning Bridge is the second thrilling book in John Flanagan's. Compre o livro The Burning Bridge na confira as ofertas para The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice Book 2) e mais milhares de eBooks.

Will and Evanlyn are taken captive by the group of Skandians ruled by Jarl Erak. Fortunately, Horace was able to escape their grasp. After, he tells the King and his aides about what is going to happen, the army starts to get prepared for the army that is supposed to attack them from behind, Halt is sent to take care of them with a force of cavalry and archer units an archer and pikeman.

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In the middle of the battle, Morgarath calls a truce and challenges Halt to a duel, but king Duncan forbids it. Then, unexpectedly, Horace challenges Morgarath to single combat.

The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice Book 2)

About to be defeated by Morgarath, Horace then, in a last-ditch attempt to win the battle, throws himself into the path of the battlehorse, to throw it off-balance. He is successful, but only manages to wind Morgarath. Morgarath is confident that he is going to win by a last powerful stroke of his broadsword, but Horace blocks it with the double-knife defence that Gilan taught Will and stabs Morgarath to win the battle.

The Wargals become harmless as soon as Morgarath dies and the mind domination is broken. Jul 31, ambsreads rated it really liked it Shelves: It really picks up from where book one finishes, continuing to follow the story of the characters we were introduced to and following a few more. When I first read this book in I remember not being able to put it down, staying up late by using my lamp and covering the cracks of my door with jumpers so no one would know - obviously I was a big rebel.

They are on a quest, so to say, to visit the Celtics in order to provide information about an upcoming war.

However, upon arrival it is obvious something is amiss. The Celtics, who are stated to be clean people, have left watch bases abandoned and not in the standard they would.

The trio continue further into villages to find more or less the same thing only to learn they have been outsmarted. Basically the plot line, so much more happens that I don't want to mention due to spoilers as well. Characters With characters we get so many perspectives I can't really focus on certain primary characters in order to fill this section of my review. What is needed to know is we get humour from each perspective. As well as gaining insights between the trio and Halt back at the castle where he seems to be throwing Lords in moats.

World-Building The world building wasn't as vital or obvious in this book, since so much had been established in the previous book. It was still present however with how the author described the characters and added a slight magical twist to it all.

It was alluring in the sense it is both historical and fanatical. Overall Overall, this review is incredibly scattered but I woke up at 5am so I'm giving myself a break personally.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Seeing Alyss and Halt interact was hilarious, as well was finding out about him and Lady Pauline. I absolutely adore the characters of this series and would, without a doubt, recommend it to people who are unsure if they should pick it up. It's worth the read. View 2 comments. Dec 30, Valerie rated it it was amazing. Really, if I could give 6 stars, this series would get them.

They are so good. I love the characters, good and bad, and the way we are seeing them grow up or older. There is so much action and adventure, very much like Lord of the Rings. Love these books. View all 5 comments. Oct 24, George Jankovic rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. While the first book in the series was good, this one was great. There was more action, more humor, a good battle, and a fantastic cliffhanger at the end.

Mar 10, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: Characters become those you care about, nervous and anxious when they are in danger and happy and satisfied when a job is well-done. The on-going story starts with the The Ruins of Gorlan and your memory is refreshed in such a way that it is not merely rehashing and reiterating the beginning over again , but a gentle reminder of what proceeded at the start of the saga.

Halt, and his apprentice Ranger, Will are continuing their training of the ranger method, as Horace, Will's orphanage mate, is training on the battleschool field.

The first inklings of an invasion by evil and sadistic Morgarath and his Wargals is becoming apparent. Gilan, a trusted fellow ranger, was the first ranger trained by Halt. He is sent on a mission with Will and Horace to enlist the help of the secretive Celtica nation, a nation known for their mastery of mining, welding and tunnel excavations.

When passing through many towns in Celtica, an ominous foreboding is surrounding the towns…they are virtually empty of life and it is evident that they have left their homes in haste. What happened to them? Why does Gilan, Halt and Horace sense that it has something to do with Morgarath? An adventure story, touched ever-so-slightly by fantasy elements, is filled with battle strategy and maneuvers,strong yet compassionate men, no-good, money loving mercenaries and intelligent and beautiful women.

The Wargals, half-men half-bearlike creatures are controlled by Morgarath. Their brute force is unmatched, yet their every move is controlled through the brain-washing effects dictated by Morgarath. Will, Horace, Halt and Gilan , along with newcomer Evanlyn Cassandra all contribute to Morgarath's demise, but the story does not end conveniently, as Will and Evanlyn, seemed doomed to a life of slavery with their capture by the Skandias.

Will Halt let that happen? I assume we will all find out in the third book of the series.

May 21, Josiah rated it it was ok. Even under Halt's tutelage, years of training will be needed for Will to become a Ranger. In this era of war, though, he'll only have months before being required to perform like one. It seems to be an important victory when Halt and Will ambush a small party of Wargals, slaying the violent creatures and discovering a written plan for Lord Morgarath's next siege against the Kingdom of Araluen. Morgarath was banished fifteen years ago for exerting mind control over the Wargals and using them to a Even under Halt's tutelage, years of training will be needed for Will to become a Ranger.

Morgarath was banished fifteen years ago for exerting mind control over the Wargals and using them to attack Araluen, but Halt turned the tide of battle against Morgarath at the eleventh hour. Foreknowledge of the evil lord's plans will be key in stopping his assault on the kingdom's fifty fiefs a second time. It could be Araluen's saving grace A reconnaissance mission to Celtic lands is necessary to warn the people, but Halt is needed elsewhere.

So Gilan—Halt's first apprentice, a master swordsman and tracker—heads the mission, joined by Will and Horace, a Battleschool apprentice whose childhood rivalry with Will resolved itself in book one, The Ruins of Gorlan. In Celtica they find deserted villages and homes that appear to have been vacated some time ago. Why did the Celts disappear without notifying anyone? Gilan, Will, and Horace's worst suspicions are confirmed when they meet Evanlyn, a frightened teen girl who says that Wargals raided the region and killed her companions.

Morgarath's push for war with Araluen is escalating rapidly, but his actions don't match the written plans that Halt and Will found. What is the Lord of Rain and Night's real strategy, and what are mere feint tactics to deceive Araluen's braintrust? The apprentice ambassador enlivens the Ranger's daily life, but Halt is concerned for Will out in the countryside where deadly enemies roam. Will struggled in his most recent combat with the aggressive Wargals; if they meet again, can Gilan coach him to win the fight and restore Will's confidence?

Gilan is the team leader, but Will and Horace are capable apprentices and Evanlyn is a keen strategist, and they deduce that Morgarath has a hidden design for Araluen's destruction. His vast Wargal army is bottled up on the wrong side of a mountain pass, unable to invade the kingdom in large numbers, but Morgarath has devised a solution to the problem. There's no time to head home and alert King Duncan, but a bold gambit by Will, Horace, and Evanlyn could shut down Morgarath's path and allow opportunity for Araluen to shore up its vulnerabilities.

The time is now for Will to act as a Ranger and Horace a knight, but can two apprentices and a plucky friend actually defeat the dark lord who has tormented Araluen since before any of them were born? Will couldn't have a better mentor than Halt. Will had nascent Ranger abilities and a good heart, but needed Halt to show him what separates a real warrior from the romanticized version in most people's minds. Will and Halt spend most of The Burning Bridge apart, so we miss out on this continuing education, but there are a few bright spots of wisdom.

Will recalls Halt's advice while he's scouting an empty tract of land. Never assume that you're on your own. Why risk your life if a bit of discipline can shield you from disaster? Halt treated Will with indifference for most of the first book, like an inconvenience he tolerated out of professional duty, but clearly he sees Will as more than that. Lady Pauline understands the gift Will is to Halt.

I should imagine he's brightened Halt's life quite considerably.


In its absence, it is painfully obvious how dreary life becomes. Will has grave doubts after his botched encounter with the Wargals, and needs Halt's wisdom to heal his resolve, but Gilan will have to suffice.

The young Ranger assures Will that fear is normal, and cautions him not to obsess over past mistakes. And if it gets out of control, it becomes self-fulfilling.

You have to learn from what happened Use the experience to make you stronger. That's the only way for Will to grow into the Ranger that Halt is confident he can be, and is perhaps Araluen's only chance of survival against the approaching menace of Morgarath. Will good triumph over evil when the final battle commences? The Burning Bridge isn't as deeply wise as The Ruins of Gorlan , and doesn't have the same easy flow. Its life lessons are less extensive and directly applicable to the reader, and particular plot points could be more subtle.

But it's a solid novel; I came close to rounding my two-and-a-half-star rating to three, and the emotional ending leads into the next book with redoubled energy and direction.

Will's challenges as he grows into a good man and Ranger are only going to get harder, and he'll have to surmount them mostly by himself. Will he take another big stride in The Icebound Land? I look forward to finding out. Oct 23, Olivia rated it really liked it. This book is very well written, not only grammatically, but in the emotion that the author can draw out of the reader. The story plot line is exceptional, and creates a world you can truly believe exists.

This atmosphere in the book is so realistic, you become immersed in the world inside the book. The book is actually the second in a series. However, in the first two pages it explains the background, and then dives right in, not wasting time on lengthy unnecessary explanations.

The story begins This book is very well written, not only grammatically, but in the emotion that the author can draw out of the reader. The story begins in an exciting manner, with a chase, a capture of battle plans, and the beginning of a war.

The story continues, growing in excitement, and subterfuge. Though the plot thickens, it does not become over complicated and it creates an almost perfect balance of characters, emotions and plot lines.

Everything that happens to the characters pulls at you, compelling you to feel what they feel. This book is excellently written and I would recommend it for anyone at any age. It is a book that many, no matter what age will find enjoyable to read.

I loved reading this book because this book created one of the most realistic worlds I have encountered in a book. This book also balanced all of the elements, ensuring I wouldn't get confused, while also adding depth. View 1 comment. Oct 22, Elizabeth Dragina rated it it was amazing. What an amazing sequel!!

Also Will View all 8 comments. Feb 09, Dan rated it really liked it Shelves: So far, I am really enjoying this series. View all 4 comments.

Aug 07, Gretchen Rubin rated it it was amazing. Gosh I love having a new fantasy YA series to read! Jan 27, Ranie C rated it liked it. This book was pretty interesting. It all started in the kingdom of Aularan where all good rangers are which Will a seventeen years old is one of the rangers. And theirs the Morgarath which is the evil one. So what happened is that Will and the other rangers found something strange which the evil Morgarath doesn't attack often in the Aularan kingdom anymore.

Then the rangers decides to sneak in to the Mirgarath. And they see that their preparing an attack. One thing I liked about the book was the This book was pretty interesting. One thing I liked about the book was the fighting. One thing I didn't liked about book was theirs always one important character that dies. May 12, Ryelor rated it it was ok.

I tried to give this series a fair shot, I really did. After the first book I wasn't convinced but figured that a lot of series get better as the story advances. Unfortunately, I enjoyed this novel less than the first one. Granted, the concept of rangers was very appealing, and I really wanted to lose myself in the novel, but for some reason I could not get into Falanagan's writing style or the way he forms his prose.

His writing has a very "spoken" quality to it, meaning it reads as if he relat I tried to give this series a fair shot, I really did. His writing has a very "spoken" quality to it, meaning it reads as if he related the story out loud and then transcribed it word for word as it was originally spoken.

This might appeal to some, but did not appeal to me.

I don't doubt Flanagan has fans. The story and ideas are intriguing and he adds interesting information about why rangers do what they do. However, there were many parts of the story that I felt were forced, Will's supposed romance, for example, as if Flanagan went through his novel once he was finished and decided to plug it in, just to appeal to his teenage female readers.

My suggestion, if you are looking for a well-written, enjoyable fantasy that is easy to read and has endearing, believable characters, read The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.

View all 14 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I still really like Will's character in this second book of the series. However, spoiler alert I was shocked to see Morgarath get killed. He's been set up to be the Big Bad, so I thought for sure he'd get away at the last instant of the single combat and escape to the mountains to attack again later.

I was really surprised that Horace managed to kill him, and also impressed at Flanagan's daring in writing it that way.

It's a YA series, so it would have been really easy to keep Morgarath in a B I still really like Will's character in this second book of the series. It's a YA series, so it would have been really easy to keep Morgarath in a Big Bad, Voldemort sort of role, but it looks as though Flanagan wants to do more with the series. Which is exciting, but which also apparently involves poor Will getting kidnapped by Skandians!

Which, I mean, when Phedre got sold to the Skandians in the Jacqueline Carey books, no good came of it. Ha ha, I love it when I can make cross-series connections that were never intended by the author. I was really worried about Will, and I'm not sure where the next book is going. Which means I need to read it immediately, and luckily my dad has lent me books 2 through 5! Off I go!

Feb 17, Andrew Fox rated it it was amazing. This book was a great follow up to the 1st book. Will has gained lots a fame but not from wealth Everyone knew him because of his stealth He was a very big threat His enemys should always be in fret. Jan 13, Claire rated it liked it Shelves: Oh, being young and having such fantasy to read: Of course there are better, more complete fantasy series, but for a young public, dreaming of princes and monsters and epic battles, this book is just great!

For an older reader like me: A 3,5 stars, even more like a 4 stars. A ten konec? TO byl konec? The Burning Bridge was a fantastic sequel in the Ranger's Apprentice series.

It was just as good, if not better, than the first book. I think the fact that there the characters and setting had previously been introduced, allowed the story to advance with more ease. The storyline was engaging. The characters were fantastic - it certainly increased my affection for Gilan and Horace.

I loved the dramatic ending but I am a little nervous about where it will take the story in The Icebound Land. Jul 17, C. Cook rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sooooo good. D I'm enjoying the awesomeness that is these books sooo much. There were a bunch of plot twists I wasn't expecting, some I was only because I accidentally read the back cover for book three Overall an excellent read!

So glad I have the third book handy!

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Oct 18, Argona rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed reading this book and I have to say that I am officially a fan of the series. The ending really surprised me and I can't wait to read more. Oh, I need book three immediately. That took a turn I didn't expect and I can't wait to read on with the series. It was so fun to return to the world of Will and the Rangers.

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Cassandra Clare. Dragon Bones. Lure of the Dead Book Cinda Williams Chima. Duel at Araluen. John Flanagan. Slaves of Socorro. The Tournament at Gorlan. The Royal Ranger: A New Beginning. The Caldera. The Red Fox Clan. The Battle of Hackham Heath. Scorpion Mountain. The Outcasts. The Invaders.

The Hunters. The Ghostfaces. Michael Devlin and the Cheyenne. Cheyenne Winter. Shay Elliott and Collected Short Stories. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

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Read The Burning Bridge: Book Two (Ranger s Apprentice) Ebook Online

Book 5. Book 6. Book 7. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 5 star ratings 5 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. Between this series and brotherband, this is still my favorite even though the other is great too. This book introduced us to Erak who is a great addition to this series.

Great writing, great characters, great action, and a roller coaster of emotion. What more could you ask for? I barely remember the first book but, regardless, this wasn't a hard book to get into.

The characters were likeable, the action was epic, and the plot wasn't that predictable or hard to follow. There is also humor and some entertaining scenes, which makes it all the more enjoyable. I wish the world-building was more complex though but, then again, this is just the second book so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series!

Kept Me Interested I Like The Fact That it's a series and the characters are interesting and the plot is good but the writing need work to more bring you in not just around what's going on … Show more Show less.But he has not been idle. Will and Horace wonder if all the villagers have been slain or captured, but Gilan believes that the evil Lord Morgarath devised a plan to cross the mountain pass faster.

Pass it on! With the help of Hal, Thorn, and the rest of the Heron brotherband, Maddie will have to break her father and his men out of the hill fort, but will they reach Castle Araluen in time? Oct 23, Olivia rated it really liked it.

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