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This handbook aims at offering an authoritative and state-of-the art survey of current approaches to the analysis of human languages, serving as a source of. This handbook compares the main analytic frameworks and methods of contemporary linguistics It offers an overview of linguistic theory, revealing the common. Request PDF on ResearchGate | The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis | This handbook compares the main analytic frameworks and methods of.

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This handbook compares the main analytic frameworks and methods of contemporary linguistics. It offers a unique overview of linguistic theory, revealing the. THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS. SECOND EDITION. 1: Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog: Introduction. 2: Eve V. Clark: Linguistic Units in. Download: The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis Download: The Oxford ISBN: X, | pages | PDF | 5,7 MB.

Lisa Conathan and Teresa McFarland, eds. PDF An invisible hand at the root of causation: The role of lexicalization in the grammaticalization of causatives. New Reflections on Grammaticalization. Ilse Wischer and Gabriele Diewald, eds. PDF Understanding and explaining applicatives. PDF Lexical forces shaping the evolution of grammar.

Historical Linguistics Laurel Brinton, ed. PDF Actualization patterns in grammaticalization: From clause to locative morphology. Actualization: Linguistic Change in Progress.

Henning Andersen, ed. Current Issues in Linguistic Theory PDF The difference a category makes in the expression of possession and inalienability.

Dimensions of Possession.

Typological Studies in Language PDF Who shapes the record: The speaker and the linguist. Paul Newman and Martha Ratliff, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. PDF Incorporation. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Vol PDF The reordering of morphemes.

Reconstructing Grammar: Comparative Linguistics and Grammaticalization. Spike Gildea, ed. PDF The legacy of recycled aspect. Changing Valency. Dixon and Alexandra Aikhenvald, eds. An Anthology of Word Classes.

Petra M. Vogel and Bernard Comrie, eds. With Greville Corbett. The Boundaries of Morphology and Syntax. Lunella Mereu, ed. With Wallace Chafe. Studies in Language PDF The status of tense within inflection. Yearbook of Morphology. Geert Booij and Jaap van Marle, eds. Amsterdam: Kluwer.

Time, Language, and Cognition. Yasuhiko Nagano, ed. Osaka, Japan: National Museum of Ethnology. PDF The sequencing of grammaticization effects. Monika S. Schmidt, Jennifer R. Austin, and Dieter Stein, eds.

PDF The significance of diversity in language endangerment and preservation. Endangered Languages: Loss and Community Response. Lenore Grenoble and Lindsay Whalley, eds. Reprinted in Austin, Peter K. Critical Concepts in Language Studies. Oxford, UK: Routledge. PDF Yup'ik roots and affixes.

Linguistic Typology

Languages of the North Pacific Rim4. Osahito Miyaoka and Minoru Oshima, eds. University of California Publications in linguistics Leanne Hinton and Pamela Munro, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press.

PDF Word. Handbook of Pragmatics PDF Native American languages. With Lyle Campbell. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. Redmond, Washington: Microsoft. PDF Lexical affixes and morphological typology. Essays on Language Function and Language Type. The Life of Language. Jane Hill, P.

Mistry, and Lyle Campbell, eds. Ives Goddard, ed. Washington: Smithsonian Institution. Washington D. C: Smithsonian Institution. PDF New directions in referentiality. Studies in Anaphora. Barbara Fox, ed. PDF The Mohawk languge. Jacques Maurais, ed. Clevedon, Avon, England: Multilingual Matters. PDF Prosodic clues to accessibility. Reference and Referent Accessibility.

Thorstein Fretheim and Jeanette Gunderl, eds. Journal of Linguistics With Elizabeth Ali. Folia Linguistica Europaea. Edited volume with introduction. Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics 7. Hilary Chappell and William McGregor, eds. Empirical Approaches to Language Typology. PDF The relativity of irreality. Modality in Grammar and Discourse. Joan Bybee and Suzanne Fleischman, eds. PDF Morphological and prosodic forces shaping word order. Word Order in Discourse.

Heine B., Narrog H. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis

Pamela Downing and Michael Noonan, eds. Amsterdam: John Benjamin's. PDF Affixation and morphological longevity. Yearbook of Morphology The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Asher, ed. Oxford: Pergamon Press.

PDF Hokan languages. The Encyclopedia of Language and Lingusitics. PDF The implications of ergativity for a Philippine voice system. Voice: its Form and Function. Typological Studies in language Barbara Fox and Paul Hopper, eds. With Tsuyoshi Ono and Suzanne Wash. Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Conference Languages of the World 6: International Journal of American Linguistics Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies.

PDF Reconstructing the unidentified. Henk Aertsen and Robert Jeffers, eds. PDF Le mohawk. Reconstructing Languages and Cultures. Berlin: Mouton. PDF External triggers and internal guidance in syntactic development: Coordinating conjunction. Internal and External Factors in Syntactic Change. Trends in Linguistics Marinel Gerritsen and Dieter Stein, eds. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter. PDF The substratum in grammar and discourse. Language Contact. PDF The impact of sudden literacy on text comprehensibility.

Pragmatics and Comprehension of Written Texts. Dieter Stein, ed. PDF The role of motivation in the emergence of grammatical categories: The grammaticization of subjects. Approaches to Grammaticalization. Bernd Heine and Elizabeth Traugott, eds. II: PDF Iroquoian. Oxford International Encyclopaedia of Linguistics. PDF Orthography planning. III: PDF The development of bound pronominal paradigms.

Language Typology: Typological Models in Reconstruction. Winfred P. Lehman and Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt, eds. PDF The role of lexicalization in shaping aspectual systems. Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Languages Workshop. James Redden, ed. Occasional Papers in Linguistics Southern Illinois University: Carbondale. Annual Review of Anthropology. Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology. Philip Baldi, ed. Reprinted in Patterns of Change, Change of Patterns.

PDF Language obsolescence and linguistic description. PDF The acquisition of polysynthesis.

Journal of Child Language PDF Historical linguistics and linguistic theory: Reducing the arbitrary and constraining explanation. PDF The subtle significance of the locus of morphologization.

PDF The grammaticization of coordination. Clause Combining in Grammar and Discourse. John Haiman and Sandra Thompson, eds. Nancy Dorian, ed. PDF System-defining structural properties in polysynthetic languages. PDF Lexical categories and the evolution of number marking. Theoretical Morphology.

Michael Hammond and Michael Noonan, eds. New York: Academic Press. Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Conference. James E. Redden, ed. Occasional Papers on Linguistics Carbondale: Southern Illinois University. In Honor of Mary Haas. William Shipley, ed. Laura Michaelis et al. PDF Is basic word order universal?

Grounding and Coherence in Discourse. Russell Tomlin, ed. Doris Payne, ed. PDF The phonology of Selayarese.

With Hasan Basri. Oceanic Linguistics. PDF Disagreement: the case of pronominal affixes and nouns. Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology. Wallace Chafe and Johanna Nichols, eds. Norwood, New Jersey: Ablex.

PDF The convergence of noun classification systems. Noun Classes and Categorization. Typological Studies in Language Vol 7.

Colette Craig, ed. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Linguistic fieldwork.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Corbett eds. Canonical morphology and syntax. The creation of tense and aspect systems in the languages of the world. Studies in Language The agreement hierarchy. Journal of Linguistics The canonical approach to typology.

Rood eds. Syntactic categories and grammatical relations: The cognitive organization of information.

Edited by Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog

Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Parts of speech as typological universals and as language particular categories. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. The boundaries of pure morphology: Diachronic and synchronic perspectives.

Tense and aspect systems. Oxford: Blackwell. The lengthening of the first component of Lithuanian diphthongs in an areal perspective. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. Multiple case-marking in Australian languages.

Australian Journal of Linguistics 8.

Basic linguistic theory, Vol. Baltic languages. In Harry van der Hulst ed. New methodologies for historical linguistics? Calibrating a lexicon-based methodology for diffusion vs. Diachronica Typological feature analysis models linguistic geography. The typology of semantic alignment. The world atlas of language structures online. Competing motivations.

In John Haiman ed. Statistical reasoning in the evaluation of typological diversity in Island Melanesia. Oceanic Linguistics Structural phylogeny in historical linguistics: Methodological explorations applied in Island Melanesia. The noun phrase hierarchy and relational marking: Problems and counterevidence. Linguistic Typology 9. Principal parts and morphological typology.

Morphology The relevance of extravagance: A reply to Bart Geurts. Linguistics Against markedness and what to replace it with.

Comparative concepts and descriptive categories in cross-linguistic studies.

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Defining vs. The world atlas of language structures. Language typology and language universals: An international handbook. Efficiency and complexity in grammars. Cross-linguistic variation and efficiency. Current Anthropology Explorations in automated language classification. Folia Linguistica Noun phrase accessibility and Universal Grammar. Linguistic Inquiry 8.

Canonical ergativity and Daghestan languages. In Frans Plank ed. London: Academic Press. Toward a typology of ergativity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Constructions with clause actants in Daghestanian languages. Dixon ed. Amsterdam: North-Holland. Organising principles for nominal paradigms in Daghestanian languages: Comparative and typological observations.

Beyond subject and object: Towards a comprehensive relational typology. Linguistic Typology 1. Does intragenetic typology make sense? Reference in discourse. Time in language. London: Routledge. Marked nominative in Africa. Marked nominative. Language typology and syntactic description: A review article.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Languages Workshop.

Statistical reasoning in the evaluation of typological diversity in Island Melanesia. A tonal analysis of Lithuanian nominal accent.

With Wallace Chafe. In John Haiman ed.

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