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The Sound Reinforcement Handbook [Gary Davis, Ralph Jones] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Yamaha Products). Sound. The Sound Reinforcement Handbook - Kindle edition by Ralph Jones. Yamaha produced a DVD called "Exploring Sound Reinforcement" which is essentially. Yamaha Corporation of America (P.O. Box , During the ensuing decade, Yamaha This hANdbook is dEdiCATEd TO ThE SOUNd REiNfORCEMENT.

Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Book

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Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing and ✅ FREE Shipping for your Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook!. SouNd REiNfoRCEMENT HANdbook TAblE of Contents Page Section/ Subsection & Title Part I. ThcoRy & GeneraI Expiations 1- 4 YAMAHA. The. Sound. ReinfoRCEMENT. Handbook. SECONd EditION. WRİTTEN FOR YAmaha By. GARy Davis & Ralph JONES. INSIDE DESIGN.

Equipment placement Additional monitor console placement factors Main house mixing console placementSection Power Amplifiers1. Ohm's law related equations Voltage, resistance and current Electrical power Ohm's law chart Electrical power and amplifier gain 3. Power ratings of amplifiers ETC preconditioning Power bandwidth Slew rate and output power Bridged operation The effect of clipping4. The relationship between amplifier power and SPL 5. Matching power amplifiers to loudspeakers Interpreting loudspeaker power ratings Impedance calculations Constant-voltage distribution systemsSection Common nethods of acoustic transduction Electromagnetic transduction Piezoelectric transduction3.

Low frequency drivers Directinal characteristics of cone drivers4. Low frequency enclosures Vented enclosures Low frequency horns 5. High frequency drivers6. High frequency horns7. Crossovers General model Passive, high level crossovers Active, low level crossovers Headroom Efficiency Damping Distortion Biamp or triamp versus conventional system8.

Full-range loudspeakers effect of boundary conditions9. Loudspeaker specifications Frequeny response Power handling Sensitivity impedance Directional characteristics Sources of distortion Over-excursion Intermodulation distortion Mechanical defects Typical failure modes Manufacturing defects IMproper operation Failures due to other components in the signal chainSection Signal Processing Equipment1.

Equalizers General discussion Common tone controls Multi-band conventional equalizers Sweep-type equalizers Parametric equalizers Graphic equalizers Paragraphic equalizers Tuning a sound system with graphic or paragraphic equalization High pass and low pass filters2. Noise gates expanders General Noise gate applications Expander applications5. Flangers and phasers Flanging Phasing What to look for 6.

ExcitersSection The importance of good cables2.

Types of cables, their construction and use Electrosttic and electrmagnetic shielding Cable self-capacitance Single and dual conductor shielded cables Strain relief Unshielded cables and speaker cables Multicore audio cables "snakes" 3.

Sound System Test Equipment1. The volt-ohm meter2. The sine wave oscillator3. The oscilloscope4. The phase tester5. The sound pressure level meter6. The real-time analyzer7. The loudness monitor8. SummarySection The Electronics1. Basic sound system types Sound reproduction systems Sound reinforcement systems2.

Developing a logical system architecture Functional grouping System examples3. Basic connections Signal levels and impedance Unbalanced and balanced connections4. Grounding Why is proper grounding important?

Using audio signal transformers Properties and functions of signal transformers Some practical applications6. The main power source Verify the correct mains voltage Ensure there is a good earth ground How to obtain a safety ground when using a two-wire outlet Improperly wired AC outlets: lifted grounds Improperly wired AC outlets: lifted neutral AC safety tips Turn-on sequencing Power source integrity7.


Only Self could fill pages on this topic—and not one word too many! BUY IT. However, if you are not an audio engineer, then I think this should not be your only reference book. It covers a lot of ground, from the math and physics of audio, all the way through digital audio transmission and standards.

“Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook” Book review

Too much, I think, for any one volume. The info is there, but it is quite sparse and difficult in places. This book takes work, but has value.

Hit the link and download away. Audio Cyclopedia, 2nd ed. Howard W. Although terribly outdated, and long out-of-print, this is still the best all-around pro audio reference for the fundamentals.

And, if you dig, you can still find copies in used bookstores and online. Bushnell and Thomas G. Whitaker took over responsibility for revising after K. Blair Benson's death in This edition is so different from the original that it is best treated as a different book complementing rather than replacing the original. A complete audio reference library will contain both. A very useful CD-ROM including many chapters from the original first edition omitted from the print version of this second edition — very nice and useful touch, is included.

From theory to practical, great book. This alone makes it worth the investment. Plus it has a companion website that offers audio, video and extra chapters to augment the printed material.

All in all, a very fine package, highly recommended for the basics. The author is the leading pioneer in this subject, having spent over twenty years studying it. Reading just the first and last chapters is worth the price of the book.

Written in , and still considered one of the best sources for physiological acoustics. Minimal math.

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Louis, [Easy to read with lots of clear, detailed illustrations. Great intro book on hearing. An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, 6th ed. Academic Press ISBN , San Diego, CA , [Very academic graduate and post-graduate text that is one of the most thorough sources available on all aspects of human hearing.

An Introduction to the Physiology of Hearing, 2nd ed. The Physics and Psychophysics of Music, 4th ed. Fastl Psychoacoustics: Facts and Models, 2nd ed.

Long out of print but well worth finding. Own it. Each revision keeps it fresh and current. Get it; you won't be disappointed. With a little bit of info on mid- to late '50s. Remarkably clear explanations of complex things; I really like this book.

Illustrated with fantastic photographs.

Long out-of-print but available through used book services and stores. Croix for entertainment value, if for no other reason.

Thompson teaches audio recording at Berklee -- you will not be disappointed. Sound Recording Handbook Howard W. I am an amateur who helps out at my church. Jun 26, Joe rated it liked it. This is a very good book.

Strait forward: Apr 13, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: An invaluable resource for anyone in the concert, and sound reinforcement industry. Feb 13, Duane rated it really liked it.

Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Read this after I'd already been doing a lot of mobile DJ work. Would have saved myself a lot of confusion had I been relying on this instead of random DJs for sound guidance. Feb 08, Ruben Devos added it. Technical, but all the basics you need to know about audio!

Even in these digital times Great read! Dec 14, David rated it it was amazing. This is one of the best books on sound reinforcement that I've ever come across. Owning this is a must for every sound engineer, producer, and musician.

Luis rated it liked it May 31, Joan rated it really liked it Jan 26, John Fleming rated it liked it May 27, Godsent Nnaemeka rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Gergely Both rated it really liked it Jul 28, Cody Daniel rated it really liked it Jun 14, Chris rated it really liked it Nov 26, Jim Southard rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Jeff rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Eugene T.

Hal Leonard Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook Second Edition

Samuel rated it really liked it Mar 28, Dayne Chang rated it did not like it Jun 17, Mike Gangi rated it really liked it May 15, Russell Eric Dobda rated it liked it May 28, Renee Valdez rated it really liked it May 03, Amanda Steinke rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Andrew rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Also check out his first book above.

It's that good. Friend Reviews. See Whitaker for revised edition. What is a decibel? Croix for entertainment value, if for no other reason. Volume, level and gain6. Each revision keeps it fresh and current.

For someone who has never done any live and is interested in that part of the audio industry the YSRH is a good start. What's not to like?

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