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45 minutes. Get ZK Up and Running with MVVM Through an example application from start to finish, learn how ZK MVVM's data-binding mechanism works to. PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit. .. Embed ZK Component in Foreign Framework section[1]. [1] Notice CSS Tutorial [2]. From Wikipedia: .. /crane/crane_chpdf) takes around 16 pages to explain the implementation.

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ZK is the leading open source Ajax and mobile framework designed to This tutorial guides you through the most fundamental features and. which we will call ZK_DIR. Make a shortcut to the PDFs in ZK_DIR/doc - zk- is the most useful. Installing ZK framework in your OFBiz webapp. using the ZK Java AJAX framework; specifically, "Passive View", "Supervising Controller" and. "Presentation Model". The patterns are discussed in the context of.

PostgreSQL security: How to create observables in RxJS [Tutorial]. Using Genetic Algorithms for optimizing your models [Tutorial]. The application will have the following features: Add new media Update existing media Delete media Search for the media and show the results User roles administrator for maintaining the media and user accounts for browsing the media In the first implementation round the application should only have some basic functionality that will be extended step by step.

A media item should have the following attributes: After that do the following steps: Type Content Types into the search dialog. Select Content Types in the tree. Select XML in the tree. See the result.

The steps are illustrated in the picture below: Type XML Catalog into the search dialog.

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Select XML Catalog in the tree. Press Add and fill out the dialog see the second dialog below. Now we can easily create new ZUL files with the following steps: Type in the name of the file for example hello. Press Next.

Now select zul. Now select the Root Element of the page e. Select Finish.

Setting up a New Project The first thing we will need for the project is the framework itself. Subscribe to the weekly Packt Hub newsletter.

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Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Packt Subscription. Get ready for Bhagyashree R - April 12, - 7: April 12, - 1: A quick overview April 10, - 7: Artificial Intelligence News Listen: Insights Listen: Interviews Bo Weaver on Cloud security, skills gap, and software development in Guest Contributor - January 19, - 8: Katie Bouman unveils the first ever black hole image with her April 11, - 9: April 11, - 5: Customizing Elgg Themes October 27, - In this example, a window component is created and its title is set to "My First ZK Application" and its border is set to normal.

ZK Framework Documentation

The text enclosed in the XML elements can also be interpreted as a special component called label. Thus, the above example is equivalent to the following code:. The onClick attribute is a special attribute used to add an event listener EventListener to the component such as that it is invoked when an end user clicks the component.

The attribute value could be any legal Java code.

To escape a double quote in an XML string, you could use single quotes ' to enclose it [1]. Here we invoke Messagebox.

The Java code is interpreted by BeanShell at runtime. In addition to event handling, you could embed the code in a ZUML page by specifying it in a special element called zscript. For example, you could simply define a function in the code as the following:.

In fact, alert is a built-in function that you can use directly from the embedded Java code. The embedded Java code runs on the server so as to gain easy access to any resources available on the server. For example,. If you enter java.

A component is a POJO. You could instantiate and manipulate them directly. For example, you could generate the result by instantiating component s to represent it, and then append them to another component as shown below. Once appended, the components can be displayed in the browser automatically.

Similarly, if components are detached, they are removed from the browser automatically. In addition, you could change the state of a component directly. All modifications will be synchronized back to the browser automatically.

Instead of introducing different components for different purposes, our components are designed to build blocks. You are free to compose blocks together to realize sophisticated UI without customizing any components. For example, you could put anything in a grid, including grid itself; anything in any layout, including the layout itself.

Please see our demo for more examples. For example, assumes that we have a class called foo. Users , and we can retrieve a list of users by employing its static method called getAll. Then, we can implement a variable resolver as follows.

There are three methods that we can assume foo.

ZK (framework)

However, in a production environment, it is better to separate the code from user interfaces. The code can be compiled at the development time. It is easier to develop and test, and runs much faster than the embedded code which is interpreted at runtime.

To separate codes from UI, you can implement a Java class aka.

For example, you can redo the previous example by registering an event listener in Composer. As shown, an event listener could be registered with the use of Component.

An event listener must implement EventListener , and then handle the event in EventListener. Also notice that a component could be retrieved with the use of Component. Then, you could associate the controller foo. PropertyRetriever with a component using the apply attribute as shown below. Implementing and registering event listeners is a bit tedious.

Thus, ZK provides a feature called autowiring. For example, you could rewrite foo. PropertyRetriever by utilizing the autowriing as follows.Setting up a New Project The first thing we will need for the project is the framework itself.

After completing the above steps. For example, you could put anything in a grid, including grid itself; anything in any layout, including the layout itself. Line Do you have a question about licensing or support?

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