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Nietzsche adalah salah satu pemikir terbesar dalam filsafat modern. dalam pembahasan mengenai pemikiran Nietzsche. buku ini bukanlah buku biografi. Diantaranya buku yang bica dibaca dan di download ialah: (Silahkan Klik judul The Antichrist by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (). of classic literature, books and novels at Planet eBook. Subscribe to our free eBooks blog and email newsletter. Beyond Good and Evil. By Friedrich Nietzsche .

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The gay science: with a prelude in German rhymes and an appendix of songs I Friedrich Nietzsche; edited by Bernard Williams; translated by Josefine Nauckhoff . ified his introduction to Nietzsche's classic text, and Carol Diethe has incorporated a new guise, the Cambridge Texts edition of Nietzsche's Genealogy. 8 THE PERFORMING ARTS Artist, audience and performer Painting as the paradigm of art Nietzsche and The Birth of Tragedy CONTENTS.

The most unrefined form of the desire is also the most readily identifiable as a desire to possess another: control over the woman's body.

A subtler desire to possess her also wants her soul, and thus wants her to be willing to sacrifice herself for her lover. Nietzsche describes this as a more complete possession.

A still more refined desire to possess her prompts a concern that she might be willing to sacrifice what she desires for a mistaken image of her lover.

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This leads some lovers to want their women to know them deep down so that their sacrifice really is a sacrifice for them. A similar rank-ordering applies to statesmen , the less refined not caring whether they attain power by fraud, the more refined not taking pleasure in the people's love unless they love the statesman for who he really is.

In both cases, the more spiritualized form of the desire to possess also demands one possess what is good more completely. Lily braun chico buarque.

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The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche (Vol. 17) - Ecce Homo

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Beyond Good and Evil

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Google unlock samsung galaxy on5. Who were thomas paine's friends. Nietzsche also subjects physics to critique. On morality and religion[ edit ] In the "pre-moral" period of mankind, actions were judged by their consequences.

Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen by Nietzsche

Over the past 10, years, however, a morality has developed where actions are judged by their origins their motivations not their consequences.

This morality of intentions is, according to Nietzsche, a "prejudice" and "something provisional [ Nietzsche argues that more than what they value as "good" distinguishes noble and base.

Nietzsche describes love as the desire to possess a woman. The most unrefined form of the desire is also the most readily identifiable as a desire to possess another: control over the woman's body.Pandangan St Sunardi dalam membandingkan dengan filsuf lainnya, tulisan Kant dan Hegel bisa diibaratkan musik klasik, sementara tulisan Nietzche bisa diumpamakan seperti musik jazz. More Details Nama Nietzsche juga menjadi begitu populer di Indonesia seiring merebaknya arus pemikiran yg disebut "posmodernisme" pada era an.

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