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VBScript is the primary scripting language for Quick Test Professional (QTP), which is a . Your First VBScript. . VBScript in and head> Sections. One Step Further: Using Win32_Environment and VBScript to Learn About WMI Querying The first few lines of the script contain the header information. We use . the type head (the carriage return). Like the. Populating array with specific text from string via start and end characters. You can share this PDF with anyone you feel could benefit from it, .. Dim res: res = LTrim(exStr) 'res now equals "Head>dataHead> " notice no space on left side.

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Conditional Loop With Condition Evaluated First. . head>.. vbscript">"This text is displayed by a VBScript!") Prof. Microsoft VBScript Step by Step will equip you with the tools to automate setup, deployment, . very first script in the book, can provide easy access to some of the most vital folders on your workstation! the type head (the carriage return). 3. Scripting. • Client side: JavaScript. • Server side: VBScript for MS-servers; most other servers support Perl, C, Java, PHP.

Click Table on the menu bar, point to Insert, and then click Caption. Type the caption at the location of the insertion point. Caption Properties Dialog Box Figure 3. HTML creates static web pages that have fixed contents text, audio, and graphics. It does not allow user to interact with the web page. Scripting language lets to create dynamic and active web page that can display dynamic information such as display an appropriate greeting like "Good Morning" or "Good Evening" depending on the time, making web page interactive.

TrackBack URI. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. QTP Articles — manojgupta2 4: I got the following article from the internet and on the basis of my experience with QTP; I have slightly modified the order of steps: Download QTP demo version This is valid for 14 days, which — if you work hard — should be enough for you to get a good hold on basics.

VBScript ' in the strUserList array. Here's an example of simple client-side validation. You can also do things that just can't be done on the server. The HTML code is for a text box and a button.

Although VBScript automatically converts strings and numbers. First declare a variable. Then use the Set statement to assign the form to the variable TheForm. When doing addition with text box values. Value Then If TheForm. To get the Value property. A regular assignment statement.

Using Numeric Values Notice that the example directly tests the value against a number: You can always write out the full reference Document. Find complete information about the Submit method and other methods in the Internet Explorer Scripting Object Model documentation. Avoiding the Submit control lets you check the data. If a Submit control was used. That requires an additional line of code: So far.

From there. Submit ' Data correct. If you're using Internet Explorer and have installed the Label control. If you're a Visual Basic programmer. You can find complete information about the properties. The following code. LabelControls lblActiveLbl.

Several ActiveX controls are available for use with Internet Explorer. While an attempt has been made to make each topic stand on it's own. VBScript Page 40 of events there. The Introduction to Regular Expressions consists of the following individuals topics: You most likely use the? A pattern such as 'data?. Think about how you search for files on your hard disk. VBScript data1.

What is VBScript? Introduction & Examples

The limited ability of the? The first practical application of regular expressions was in the Unix editor called qed. Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts. Representation of Events in Nerve Nets that introduced the concept of regular expressions.

Extract a substring from a string based upon a pattern match. Replace text. In You can use a regular expression to identify specific text in a document and either remove it completely or replace it with other text. That way. That technique may be adequate for simple search and replace tasks in static text. Regular expressions were expressions used to describe what he called "the algebra of regular sets". VBScript Page 43 of Regular expressions trace their ancestry back to early research on how the human nervous system works.

Regular expressions have been an important part of text-based editors and search tools ever since. You can find specific text within a document or input field For example. This is called data validation. And the rest. With regular expressions. The regular expression serves as a template for matching a character pattern to the string being searched.

Match an HTML tag. Validate an ID number consisting of 2 digits. Here are some examples of regular expression you might encounter: The following table contains the complete list of metacharacters and their behavior in the context of regular expressions: The pattern describes one or more strings to match when searching a body of text.

Regular expressions provide a significant improvement in string-handling for JScript. VBScript Page 44 of can narrow down the affected files to only those that contain the material that has to be removed or changed. Another example of where a regular expression is useful occurs in a language that isn't known for its string-handling ability.

You can then use a regular expression to remove the outdated material. Matches at least n times. The captured match can be retrieved from the resulting Matches collection. Matches pattern and captures the match. This is a noncapturing match.

Matches exactly n times. A non-greedy pattern matches as little of the searched string as possible. VBScript Page 45 of matches the character "n". Negative lookahead matches the search string at any point where a string not matching pattern begins. Matches at least n and at most m times.

Positive lookahead matches the search string at any point where a string matching pattern begins. To match parentheses characters. If the RegExp object's Multiline property is set. Matches pattern but does not capture the match. Matches the preceding subexpression zero or one time.

Matches the preceding subexpression one or more times. This is useful for combining parts of a pattern with the "or" character. For example 'Windows? Matches the position at the beginning of the input string. Matches the position at the end of the input string. Matches the preceding subexpression zero or more times.

For example 'Windows?! Lookaheads do not consume characters. Note that you cannot put a space between the comma and the numbers. Matches any character not enclosed. Identifies either an octal escape value or a backreference. A reference back to captured matches. Matches the control character indicated by x. Matches a form-feed character.

Matches n. Matches either x or y. Matches any word character including underscore. If not. A negative character set. A character set. The value of x must be in the range of A-Z or a-z. Matches a digit character. Matches a carriage return character. Matches a newline character. Matches any nonword character. A negative range characters. Equivalent to []. Matches any character in the specified range. Matches any character not in the specified range. Hexadecimal escape values must be exactly two digits long.

Matches any one of the enclosed characters. Matches any whitespace character including space. Matches any non-white space character. Matches a nondigit character. Matches a tab character. A range of characters. Matches a word boundary. Matches a vertical tab character. Matches a nonword boundary. Matches num. You construct a regular expression by putting the various components of the expression pattern between a pair of delimiters.

The components of a regular expression can be individual characters. VBScript Page 47 of the preceding conditions exists. Matches octal escape value nml when n is an octal digit and m and l are octal digits For JScript. Here are some examples of single-character regular expression patterns: The following table illustrates. The simplest form of a regular expression is a single.

This includes all upper. To match these special characters. The following table shows those special characters and their meanings: All that is required is that you just put one character after another. Indicates a choice between two items. Matches the position at the beginning of an input string except when used in a bracket expression where it negates the character set.

The following table shows the escape sequences used to represent those non-printing characters: To match the? To match these characters. Marks the next character as either a special character.

Subexpressions can be captured for later use. To match [. Marks the beginning of a quantifier expression. Marks the beginning and end of a subexpression. Marks the beginning of a bracket expression.

To match. Matches any non-whitespace character. The following JScript regular expression matches 'aac'. To illustrate. If you want to express the matching characters using a range instead of the characters themselves. VBScript Page 52 of These expressions are still pretty limited. Characters enclosed in a bracket expression match only a single character for the position in the regular expression where the bracket expression appears.

Chapter 2. To match the ']' character in a list. Bracket Expressions You can create a list of matching characters by placing one or more individual characters within square brackets [ and ]. Most special characters lose their meaning when they occur inside a bracket expression.

Here are some exceptions: The following JScript regular expression contains a range expression that is equivalent to the bracketed list shown above. When characters are enclosed in brackets.

That is the ninth character position. The following JScript regular expression matches 'Chapter 1'. Within brackets. They only let you match any single character. Many times.

The character value of the individual characters determines their relative order within a range. The bracket expression then. If the caret character appears in any other position within the list. For JScript: The same expressions above can be represented using the hyphen character -. The following expressions matches all lowercase letters and the hyphen: It is important to note that the starting value must precede the ending value in Unicode sort order.

The following JScript regular expression matches chapter headings with numbers greater than 5': If you want to include the hyphen character in your bracket expression. VBScript Page 53 of When a range is specified in this manner. Both of the following regular expressions satisfy this requirement: In order to accommodate that kind of uncertainty.

These quantifiers let you specify how many times a given component of your regular expression must occur for your match to be true. The following table illustrates the various quantifiers and their meanings: The following JScript expression specifies such a match: The following JScript regular expression matches chapter headings with any number of digits: You want to match at least one digit following 'Chapter' and a space character.

The '?

VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed

Better JScript expressions for matching only two digits file: Another disadvantage is that somebody could create a Chapter 0 and it would match. If you know that your chapter numbers are limited to only 99 chapters. Quantifiers give you that capability. With a large input document.

That text appears in your document as: Sometimes that's not at all what you want to happen. VBScript are the following: The following table contains the list of regular expression anchors and their meanings: Since true chapter headings always appear at the beginning of a line. Anchors allow you to fix a regular expression to either the beginning or end of a line.

They also allow you to create regular expressions that occur either within a word or at the beginning or end of a word. You cannot use a quantifier with an anchor. Since you cannot have more than one position immediately before or after a newline or word file: Any occurrence of the string 'Chapter' followed by a space. Anchors provide that capability. A word boundary is the position between a word and a space. They're definitely not the same.

To match text at the end of a line of text.

VBScript boundary. A non-word boundary is any other position. If it's positioned at the beginning of a string to be matched.

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Page 58 of To match text at the beginning of a line of text. To use anchors when searching for chapter headings. The following JScript expression matches the first three characters of the word 'Chapter' because they appear following a word boundary: It does so by creating a regular expression that matches only at the beginning and end of a line of text.

The following expression ensures that the match you've specified only matches chapters and not cross-references. Expanding the chapter heading regular expression. You might think that the following expressions for JScript and VBScript match either 'Chapter' or 'Section' followed by one or two digits occurring at the beginning and ending of a line: When alternation is used.

VBScript Page 59 of beginning of the word. For the non-word boundary operator. Sometimes capturing a submatch is desirable. If the input string is 'Section 22'. You don't necessarily want to refer to that match later.

The following regular expressions use parentheses to group 'Chapter' and 'Section' so the expression works properly. If the input string is 'Chapter 22'. Since there's only one set of parentheses in the expression shown above. But that's not the intent here so there must be a way to make that regular expression more responsive to what you're trying to do and there is.

You can use parentheses to limit the scope of the alternation. The following modification of the regular expressions shown above provides the same capability without saving the submatch. Your regular expressions will be more efficient since they won't have to take the time and memory to store those submatches. By taking the regular expressions shown above and adding parentheses in the appropriate places. In the examples shown above. You can use '?: In fact.

Placing parentheses around 'Chapter Section' establishes the proper grouping. As you'll recall. Windows A negative lookahead. You can override the saving of that part of the regular expression using the non-capturing metacharacters '?: You can use the following JScript regular expression.

Suppose further that you need to update the document by finding all the references to Windows A positive lookahead. The closest equivalent VBScript code appears as follows: In the JScript expression the global flag 'g' following the regular expression indicates that the expression is applied to as many matches as it can find in the input string.

Using the regular expression shown above. The following JScript regular expression uses a single subexpression to do that. For VBScript. It would be nice to devise a way to fix that sentence without having to look for duplicates of every single word. The multiline flag specifies that potential matches may occur on either side of a newline character. One of the simplest. The buffer numbers where the submatches are stored begin at 1 and continue up to a maximum of 99 subexpressions.

VBScript Page 62 of Each captured submatch is stored as it is encountered from left to right in a regular expressions pattern. The word boundary Meta characters ensure that only separate words are detected.

The second part of the regular expression is the reference to the previously captured submatch. Take the following sentence: Is is the cost of of gasoline going up up? As written. If they weren't. The case insensitivity 'i' flag at the end of the expression specifies the case insensitivity. That captured expression includes one or more alphabetic characters.

Another way that backreferences can be used is to break down a Universal Resource Indicator URI into its component parts. If you had more than one submatch. VBScript Dim ss.

That subexpression matches any word that precedes a colon and two forward slashes. And finally. Assume that you want to break down the following URI down to the protocol ftp. That subexpression matches one or more characters other than ' ' or the space character. That subexpression matches zero or more digits following a colon.

Applying the regular expression to the URI shown above. The second parenthetical subexpression captures the domain address part of the address.

The third parenthetical subexpression captures a website port number. Replace ss. Host Application 1. VBScript Do Next Statement For Each. String Constants Defines a variety of non-printable characters used in string manipulation. Here are the various categories of constants provided in VBScript and a brief description of each: VarType Constants Defines the various Variant subtypes. Simply use them in place of the values they represent.

Constants provide a convenient way to use specific values without actually having to remember the value itself.

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Because these constants are already defined in VBScript. Using constants also makes your code more maintainable should the value of any constant ever change. Date and Time Constants Defines date and time constants used by various date and time functions. Date Format Constants Defines constants used to format dates and times.

Tristate Constants Defines constants used with functions that format numbers. Miscellaneous Constants Defines constants that don't conveniently fit into any other category. Requirements Version 2 file: Use them anywhere in your code to represent the values shown for each. Use them anywhere in your code to represent file: Use the first week that has at least four days in the new year.

Use the week in which January 1 occurs default. VBScript the values shown for each. Use the first full week of the year. Display a date using the short date format specified in your computer's regional settings. Date and time display is determined by your system settings. If there is no fractional part.

Display a date using the long date format specified in your computer's regional settings. If there is no integer part. Display a time using the long time format specified in your computer's regional settings.

For real numbers. Display a time using the short time format specified in your computer's regional settings. Since these constants are built into VBScript. Use it anywhere in your code to represent the values shown. Display OK and Cancel buttons. Description file: Constant vbObjectError Value Description User-defined error numbers should be greater than this value. Display Yes. Fourth button is the default. On Win16 systems.

The following constants are used with the MsgBox function to identify which button a user has selected. First button is the default. Display Critical Message icon. Second button is the default. The user must respond to the message box before continuing work in the current application.

System modal. Application modal.

Third button is the default. Display Retry and Cancel buttons. On Win32 systems. Display Information Message icon. These constants are only available when your project has an explicit reference to the appropriate type library containing these constant definitions.

Display Warning Query icon. Display Yes and No buttons. Display Warning Message icon.

Click the rows option button and then enter the

Character having the value 0. Vertical tab. Form feed. Platform-specific newline character. Horizontal tab. Line feed. Not the same as a zero-length string "". Carriage return—linefeed combination. Error Number 17 11 48 92 51 5 94 91 Description ActiveX component can't create object An exception occurred Argument not optional Can't perform requested operation Class doesn't support Automation Class not defined Division by zero Error in loading DLL Expected ' ' in regular expression Expected ']' in regular expression File name or class name not found during Automation operation For loop not initialized Illegal assignment Internal error Invalid or unqualified reference Invalid picture Invalid procedure call or argument Invalid range in character set Invalid use of Null Named argument not found Object doesn't support current locale setting Object doesn't support this action Object doesn't support this property or method Object not a collection Object not safe for creating Object not safe for initializing Object not safe for scripting Object required Object variable not set file: VBScript run-time errors occur while your script is being executed.

VBScript syntax errors occur during the program compilation stage. Remarks The following example illustrates the use of the Initialize event. Remarks The following example illustrates the use of the Terminate event. The following example uses the Abs function to compute the absolute value of a number: Remarks The absolute value of a number is its unsigned magnitude.

Abs -1 and Abs 1 both return 1. If number contains Null. Abs number The number argument can be any valid numeric expression. Null is returned.

If no arguments are specified. The second statement assigns an array to variable A. Note A variable that is not declared as an array can still contain an array. Although a Variant variable containing an array is conceptually different from an array variable containing Variant elements.Contains a number that represents a date between January 1. The following example shows two calls to the MyProc procedure. Int returns the first negative integer less than or equal to number. DateValue also recognizes unambiguous dates that contain month names.

That text appears in your document as: Loop For. The For statement specifies the counter variable x and its start and end values.

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