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Krolobójcy () - dokument [*.pdf] This is a digital copy of a book that was Cuszima (Historyczne Bitwy) wyświetleń, stron. KOLEJNA ROCZNICA HISTORYCZNEJ BITWY. 16 września minęła kolejna – przez nikogo nie pamiętana – już rocznica największej i najbardziej krwawej . czenie historyczne, stale obecne w dyskusjach publicznych. . pdf. 2 Przykładem mo˝e byē tegoroczne wystąpienie prezydenta Horsta Köhlera w czasie Dnia .. mi narodowymi, mo˝e byē zmiana interpretacji bitwy w Lesie Teuto -.

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As more new flights seem areas to be their French download konstantynopol hand, we jointly Are to grant exemption for technical reputation brothers to mitigate. Nakład: egz. Publikacja stanowi okolicznościowe wydawnictwo historyczne . Wydana została w związku z obchodami rocznicy bitwy pod Skoczowem. Cawthorne, Największe bitwy w historii, transl. S. Patlewicz, Warsaw, , pp. 49– 4 The anniversary “celebration” took mainly the form of various meetings .

The au- thor examines the circumstances under which this most comprehensive description of the battle to be found in all the redactions of the lithuanian-Ruthenian chroni- cles was written, and attempts to present its source basis — the core of this study is a thorough critical analysis of the chronicle account of the Prussian expe- dition.

Ruslan b. Gagua presents, on the basis of the relevant literature, a fairly accurate survey of important source materials including their editions — 43 K. He empha- sises the fact of, among other things, narrative multiplication by the victorious side of the number of enemies killed, along with the simultaneous reduction of their own losses, while pointing out that the battle in question was interpreted not only by its victors.

Prietzel, H-Soz-u-Kult, The article by larisa M. Of a non-uniform character, as regards the research paradigm, is the 50 R. Studien zur Historik, Frankfurt a. Main, , pp. Warstwy czasu. Studia z metahistorii, trans. Krzemieniowa, J. Merecki, Warsaw, , pp.

Clauss, Kriegsniederlagen im Mittelalter. Klio viae et invia. He regards this fact as signiicant, especially in the context of the ascertained conduct of the Polish chron- icler, who portrayed the lithuanian ruler as a brave hero modelled on Alexander the Great.

Bitwa grunwaldzka w historii as in note 37 above , pp.

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The author searches for similarities not only in the weapons but also in the course of the two battles, although his image of the July battle of is constructed mainly on the basis of Stefan M. There is also an abridged version of the article, published in the Petersburg post-conference volume, cf.

All the relections of the author, especially those on the battle events, are so general in character that his attempt at a comparative approach seems unjustiied in many places. Jahrhunderts bis zum beginn der Battle of Tannenberg — years anniversary. Battle of Durbe — years anniversary, Vilnius, The publication refers to an earlier article by the scholar: Referring to a suggestion by W. Majewski , according to which the banners were deployed in columns of eight rows, the author points out its limited appeal in the later literature, and emphasises the long-standing domination of the concept of a deep wedge-tipped column formation suggested by A.

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Grunwald as in note 27 above , pp. Grekov discusses military structures for the south-western Rus i. Ruthenian lands in the early ifteenth century, pointing to the four main types of the troops at that time heavy and light horse- men, and heavy and light foot combatants and to the presence of four major trends: Fedoruk deals with the use of gunpowder artillery by both sides of the conlict, especially during the summer expedition.

A majority of them were written intentionally as Grunwald publications, but there is a large number of those in which the issues related to the battle of 15 July, are addressed only mar- ginally. There is no doubt that it is impossible to mention and list all such texts in the present survey.

Problems related to the routes followed by the troops of both sides of the conlict on their way to Grunwald in comprise a separate subject of Grunwald studies. An overview of the opinions on this matter of scholars who examine the problem in the context of the whole battle has been already pre- sented above, but there are other analyses of this subject. Pomerelia , is Maksymilian Grzegorz from bydgoszcz. Krajobraz grunwaldzki as in note 8 above , pp.

The young Russian mediaevalist Andrei V. Kuzmin broaches the problem of participation of Ruthenian and lithuanian knyazes,78 rightly assuming that a juxtaposition of the contemporary rulers of the extensive Rus and Ruthe- nian lands and commanders of military units, and inally a determination of the contemporary composition of knyaz forces would make it possible to conduct much more in-depth and thorough analysis, both of the juxtaposition itself and the number of troops at the disposal of Grand duke Alexander Vytautas.

Aliaksey I.

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Smolensk, Samogita, i. Shinakov, made in the con- knights; 2 units of a patrician fraternity of St. The author tries to determine the composition of individual hufs, and on the basis of iconographic and written sources including, among others, armorials seeks to identify the battle emblems of main banners. The most important text on this subject is the study by Yuri V.

Selezniov who analyses the activities of Jalal al-din Khan, against the backdrop of relations in eastern and Central-eastern europe. The author refers to his earlier work: Chazbijewicz, S. Jakubauskas, G.


An original version of the publication: Sitdykov, S. This theme, while not new, has been touched upon by a medievalist from Chernivitsi, Andrei V. Masan, he claims that a military contingent going to Prussia could have consisted not only of Moldavian boyars, but also Ruthenians, while the main area of conscription could have been the land of Shypyntsi;90 this corresponds to the opinions of Aleksey V.

Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology, , no. Archaeology and Cul- tural Anthropology , no. Mazowsze w wielkiej wojnie as in note 69 , pp.

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The author notes the participation in the battle of individual persons — lublin terrigenae, i. The persons in question are: In closing this topic, it is worthwhile to note a book by Jerzy Sikorski, although it has a popular science character.

Studia historyczno-wojskowe, vol. The author regards as killed in the battle: In tempore belli et pacis as in note 11 above , pp.

Sikorski, Bohaterowie Grunwaldu, Olsztyn, Finally, let us mention a publication on interpersonal communication. The Co- logne historian of the Teutonic Order, Klaus Militzer, directly touches upon the question of the speciic communication situation created every time a battle is fought. The author seems to assume that the latter not so much reacted to the act of challenge itself, as created their own propaganda message, casting the king as a pious and humble ruler.

Thus, the messages sent by both sides of the conlict before the bat- tle somehow missed each other. The lack of distinction between the understanding of the act of sending of two swords by the Polish king and his entourage at the precise moment of the event, and its later post-war interpretations, should be con- sidered as a certain shortcoming of these relections.

In general, these publications are surveys, only occasionally analytical which is quite understand- able, considering the fact that over twenty years have passed since the end of the last systematic excavations.

In his conclusions, the author, with great opti- mism, regards the results of excavations in the area of presumed ield of the bat- tle and accompanying works by experts in other auxiliary sciences. Odoj, it should be regarded as an important con- tribution. The article by Romuald Odoj, who in a concise way presents his opinions on the battle is of different character — with its centre of attention shifted to his- torical relections.

Again, the essay, despite its popular science form, contains im- portant observations and relections for the Grunwald discussion.

Ciampi, Documenti di storia italiana vol. Butti — F. Fossati — G. Petraglione, Rerum Italicarum scriptores.

Nova Series vol. Contributions to the History of European Intellectual Culture, ed. Moudarres — Ch. Zimolo, Rerum Italicarum scriptores. Hardy — E. Iorga Paris, Sarnowsky, Nova Mediaevalia. Setton, The Papacy and the Levant — vol. Three Strongholds Hungaro-Polonica who interestingly is named throughout the narrative solely as roy de Hongrie, as a quintessential example of a Christian martyr fighting and dying pour lhonneur [sic!

Authors close to the Habsburgs around Enea Silvio Piccolomini criticized the mil- itary expedition as poorly prepared and defectively organ- ised.

Grabski, Polska w opiniach, , , f.

Paviot, La politique navale. Mencken Lipsiae, col. Grabski, Polska w opiniach, — Both countries, Poland and Hungary, are described as long-standing de- fenders of the faith who alone, united by one king, could stop the Ottoman aggression in Christian lands: Ad haec solam famam eo inter se uinculo coniunctarum uirium duarum inuicta- rum nationum satis futuram ad Turcum Tartarumque intra fines suos continendos.

Convegno inter - nazionale di studi San Gimignano, 18—20 ottobre , ed. Garfagnini, Institutio Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento. Atti di convegni vol. However, eventually he had had to resign to the overpowering Ottomans. This de- scription is remarkable insofar as Buonaccorsi wrote the pamphlet Attila only a short time later, in which he used a lot of defaming allegories in allusion to the Barbaric reign of Matthias Corvinus in Hungary. Kowalewski, Bibliotheca latina medii et recentioris aevi vol.

Klaniczay — J. Jankovics, Studia humanitatis vol. Akten des polnisch- deutschen Symposions vom Werner — O. Gecser Frankfurt a. Sica, Riscon- tri vol. Paolo Ruzicska, Storia della letteratura ungherese, Thesaurus litterarum. Storia delle letterature di tutto il mondo vol. Garfagnini, —, ; Marianna D.

A Cultural History, ed. Knoll, International Library of Historical Studies vol. Juliusz A. Prace z historii kultury, ed. Economic Policy with Richard S. Paradoxes and Puzzles with Roy T.

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