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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

27 दिसंबर दोस्तों हमें लगातार Message आ रहे हैं की ध्यान क्या है (What is Meditation?), ध्यान कैसे करे (How to Meditate). आज की हमारी यह पोस्ट Meditation Techniques in Hindi | ध्यान कैसे करे आपको ध्यान के बारे में जानकारी देने के लिए. Types of Meditation – An Overview of 23 Meditation Techniques you will find a button to download a FREE PDF copy of this post, for easy.

Meditation Techniques In Hindi Pdf

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Photos of Meditation Technique In Hindi Pdf. THE BHAGAVAD-GITA THE BHAGAVAD-GITA (In Eglish and Hindi) For Children and Beginners. Free Download Meditation Techniques In Hindi Video. Meditation The Art Of Ecstasy By Osho Pdf - DIRECT DOWNLOAD!. 9 Your real self. 72 Methods and Meditation. 12 Techniques are helpful. 13 Begin with effort. 13 These methods are simple. 14 First understand the technique.

Loving-kindness meditation With the many types of meditation to try, there should be one to suit most individuals. Loving-kindness meditation is also known as Metta meditation.

Its goal is to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness toward everything, even a person's enemies and sources of stress. While breathing deeply, practitioners open their minds to receiving loving kindness.


They then send messages of loving kindness to the world, to specific people, or to their loved ones. In most forms of this meditation, the key is to repeat the message many times, until the practitioner feels an attitude of loving kindness.

Loving-kindness meditation is designed to promote feelings of compassion and love , both for others and oneself. It can help those affected by: anger resentment interpersonal conflict This type of meditation may increase positive emotions and has been linked to reduced depression , anxiety , and post-traumatic stress or PTSD.

Body scan or progressive relaxation Progressive relaxation, sometimes called body scan meditation, is meditation that encourages people to scan their bodies for areas of tension. The goal is to notice tension and to allow it to release. During a progressive relaxation session, practitioners start at one end of their body, usually their feet, and work through the whole.

Some forms of progressive relaxation require people to tense and then relax muscles. Others encourage a person to visualize a wave, drifting over their body to release tension.

Progressive relaxation can help to promote generalized feelings of calmness and relaxation. It may also help with chronic pain. Because it slowly and steadily relaxes the body, some people use this form of meditation to help them sleep. Mindfulness meditation Mindfulness is a form of meditation that urges practitioners to remain aware and present in the moment.

Rather than dwelling on the past or dreading the future, mindfulness encourages awareness of a person's existing surroundings. Crucial to this is a lack of judgment. So, rather than reflecting on the annoyance of a long wait, a practitioner will simply note the wait without judgment.

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Mindfulness meditation is something people can do almost anywhere. While waiting in line at the grocery store, for example, a person might calmly notice their surroundings, including the sights, sounds, and smells they experience. A form of mindfulness is involved in most kinds of meditation. Breath awareness encourages practitioners to be aware of their breathing, while progressive relaxation draws attention to areas of tension in the body.

Because mindfulness is a theme common to many forms of meditation, it has been extensively studied. Research has found that mindfulness can: reduce fixation on negative emotions improve focus lessen impulsive, emotional reactions improve relationship satisfaction Some evidence suggests mindfulness may improve health.

For example , a study of African-American men with chronic kidney disease found that mindfulness meditation could lower blood pressure. Breath awareness meditation Breath awareness is a type of mindful meditation that encourages mindful breathing.

Practitioners breathe slowly and deeply, counting their breaths or otherwise focusing on their breaths. The goal is to focus only on breathing and to ignore other thoughts that enter the mind. Meditation is also very nice way to cope with psychological problems. My mind thinks many thing during the study.. How can I concentrate on my mind….

Thanks Aman for visiting Badhtechalo. Increasing concentration is continuous process. Thanks sir It will help the students to achieve their goals And forced towards success.

Thanks for this article. My wife suffering from sleeplessness what should do her pl guide me. Hume apki bahut jarurat hai. Please hum sab ke liye esi prakar ki best meditation techniqu… in hindi.

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I hope you will answer me. Thanks for your post…. Really you have written it very very well. It is elaborated in a wonderful way, even a beginner can understand a lot of things about Meditation. Bahut hi Accha Sir.

Mujhe aapka yeh post bahut hi badiya laga. Main pichle 5 months se Meditation seekhne ki koshish kar raha hu.

Aur mujhe aapka yeh positivity se bhara post bahut hi badiya laga. Thanks for sharing. Bahut achha post Sir. Meditation sach mein, khud ko shant aur sthirta laane ke liye kaafi help karti hai. Aur aapne yeh techniques share karke sach mein bahut help ki mere jaise Beginners ki.Hands down, bar none.

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The repetition of your mantra is soft, gentle, and relaxed. UI improvements Advance session updated Hanging problem fixed. As your meditation continues, allow the breath to fall away into its own rhythm. It is an immensely powerful meditation technique in Hindi audio-guided.

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