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Directed by Gilbert Cates. With George Burns, Suzanne Pleshette, David Birney, Louanne. God asks a young girl to help spread his word and influence with a. Oh, God! Book II is a American comedy film and a sequel to the film Oh, God! (). It was directed by Gilbert Cates, and stars George Burns, Suzanne. Oh, God! Book II” qualifies as a sequel only because of its.

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Oh God! Book II (DVD). In this spunky comedy sequel to Oh, God!, The Almighty-- chagrined at the bad press He seems to be getting worldwide--returns to earth. George Burns's take on the Almighty carries this sequel to the popular mid '70s comedy Oh, God. This time, he comes down from heaven to. God returns to Earth to reunite an advertising man and his real estate saleswoman wife who are separated. Academy Award-winner George Burns ( The.

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Stream On. Critic Reviews. Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert. Book II qualifies as a sequel only because of its title and the irreplaceable presence of George Burns in the title role.

Otherwise, it seems to have lost faith in the film it's based on. Read full review. The picture is very talky, and the gags all fall flat. Director Gilbert Cates was responsible for a number of fine and sensitive films, including I Never Sang for my Father, but stumbles here.

Washington Post - Gary Arnold. Book II revives that excruciating game of false piety in which Hollywood humorists grovel for brownie points in eternity by presuming to be God's chummiest press agents. Variety - Staff Not Credited. Absence this time of John Denver, his chemistry with lead George Burns, and the original's solid comedy material lead to a bland, unstimulating film.

The original Oh, God was a one-note joke that the irresistible George Burns managed to turn into an engaging film. However, even Burns' charm is insufficient to sustain that note through the inevitable sequel. The mirthless follow-up to a film that wasn't all that funny in the first place.

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Oh, God! Book II

More From Metacritic. June Find a full list of the movie and TV titles headed to disc in June, The 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival is in the books. Get a full Tracy's basic problem, it appears, is that she can see God and talk with him, but nobody else can.

Her parents and teachers think she's talking to herself.

God asks her to organize an advertising campaign to promote his image on earth, and she comes up with a slogan "Think God" which her little play-mates plaster on every open space in town.

But, meanwhile, a psychiatrist Anthony Holland determines that Tracy's got serious problems.

There are other sitcom-style distractions. Tracy's parents Suzanne Pleshette and David Birney are divorced.

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Tracy doesn't like her daddy's new girlfriend. The principal at school is a meanie. And so on. The movie's screenplay was written by no less than five collaborators, but they were so bankrupt of ideas that some scenes have a quiet desperation to them.

For example: There's an awkward TV newscast staged in the movie, with Hugh Downs as the avuncular anchorman and none other than Dr. Joyce Brothers giving her opinion that little Tracy may, indeed, have seen God. It would be sad enough if the movie were using Downs and Brothers for laughs, but, God help us, they're brought in as authority figures.

There is, however, one additional small treasure in this movie, a supporting performance by Mari Gorman, who steals every scene she's in, playing Tracy's grade school teacher, Miss Hudson. She has a weird kind of off-balance walk and out-of-time speaking style that's infectious and funny. It's amazing that a movie so devoid of comic imagination would allow itself to play around with such an offbeat supporting performance.

Oh, God! Book 2

If Gorman had played, say, Tracy's mother, and if the rest of the movie had been equally willing to take chances with its approach, "Book II" could have been worth seeing.How do you behave when God blows the whistle and challenges you to test his rules? Tracy Richards.

Well the kid and her friend think of something and come up with the slogan Think God. See All Details and Credits.

David Birney as Don Richards. View All Photos.

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