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Bodybuilding Exercises Ebook

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A list of the best-selling bodybuilding ebooks of all time, such as Arnold, progressive resistance exercises, nutrition and diet regimens, bodybuilding. Click Here To Buy This eBook, The Blast Your Biceps program is a Mass Building Tom Venuto, a respected fat loss expert, natural bodybuilder, and personal. Maybe you don't know how often you should exercise the same muscle group or I would love a copy of your Free Bodybuilding Diet & Workout Plan Ebook.

Building muscle has never been faster or easier than with this revolutionary once-a-week training program In Body By Science , bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for maximizing muscle development in just 12 minutes a week. Backed by rigorous Building muscle has never been faster or easier than with this revolutionary once-a-week training Toggle navigation.

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Bodybuilding & Weight Training

Built for Show. Testosterone for Life: Shoe Dog. The TB12 Method. The Triathlete's Training Bible. Training for the New Alpinism. Fortunately there are also some attractive advantages of being a true natural bodybuilder as compared to being a doped bodybuilder: You don't have to buy and use illegal drugs. You are not taking any health risks. In fact, you are significantly improving your health.

You are saving lots of money. You won't have to lie about using drugs. Most women prefer men with natural bodies. You can really be proud of your results because they exist only thanks to your own efforts, and not as a result of some pills or injections. Fitness Fitness is the little sister of bodybuilding. It is becoming very popular in Europe.

It basically is bodybuilding without results. People who practise fitness have usually no idea about what they are doing. They like to chat with each other in the fitness club. Some of them dream about getting a better physique because the sales people of the fitness club promised them that they would get results automatically as long as they continue to pay their membership in time. Although some bodybuilders are very strong, this is rather a side effect of the big muscles and the lifting of heavy weights.

Other sports such as powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman competitions have as main goal to be as strong as possible rather than being muscular. Developing muscular strength requires very different training methods and exercises than developing muscle mass. Each muscle group is trained once or twice per week to get optimal results.

This way of training totally differs from typical bodybuilding training. To avoid any confusing, this website is all about bodybuilding, not about developing muscle strength. The Future of Bodybuilding One day, gene doping will be a fact. Together with other increasingly effective drugs, gene doping will make it possible for people to be as muscular as a bodybuilder without ever having been inside a gym. I believe this is an unavoidable future that is coming to us within one or two decades.

I have no problem with accepting this fact. And if people want to use these drugs, that's okay for me. However, I don't think these people should be called bodybuilders.

Let's preserve the term "bodybuilder" for those people who have actually built their body by means of weight training. In fact, I personally think that the only real bodybuilders are the true natural bodybuilders, who didn't use any drugs to build their physiques. Does that make sense to you? Concluding Note Although most bodybuilders claim to be true natural, true natural bodybuilders are in fact rare.

However, true natural bodybuilders do exist. I am one of them, and I am proud of it. As far as I know there exist no magazines nor contests for true natural bodybuilders. I believe there are 2 main reasons for this: it is impossible to test whether a bodybuilder is 8 True-Natural-Bodybuilding.

TRUE natural, and true natural bodybuilders simply don't look impressive enough, especially when you are used to see doped bodybuilders. I've also included a few pictures of myself next to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This kind of gives you an idea about how a true natural physique compares to a Mr. Olympia physique of the 's. My Abs While many bodybuilders train their abs multiple times per week with many sets and high reps, my abs seem to respond best if I train them like any other muscle. I train them once per week with 2 exercises, each consisting of 4 sets of 10 - 16 reps. I always do one exercise for the upper abs crunches , and one for the lower part of the abs leg raises , changing their order every workout.

The Magic Recipe Sorry to disappoint you, but there really exists no magic recipe that can guarantee you to become a successful true natural bodybuilder. However, there certainly is a list of very important ingredients: sound knowledge and understanding about training and nutrition favorable genetics and good health in terms of skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons, digestive system and metabolism very strong motivation, dedication and persistence winner's mentality in the gym no pain, no gain healthy and effective diet effective training routine good gym equipment healthy lifestyle enough time and money to follow your diet and training program ability to learn from your experience and to find out what really works for yourself a strong personality to say NO to doping I hope that reading this website contributes at least to the first item of this list.

How to Get Big All Secrets Revealed The goal of this page is to provide a concise summary of everything you have to do in order to get bigger, stronger and more muscular without having to use anabolic steroids or other drugs.

After having read this summary on nutrition, supplements and training, true natural bodybuilding will have no more secrets for you. I promise you, if you do everything described on this page correctly for a period of about 5 years, the results will be amazing and your body will have developed nearly to its maximum natural potential.

Nutrition In order to make it possible for your muscles to grow you need to provide your body with enough energy and building blocks throughout the day; and this every day of the year. The energy is expressed as the total calories that you eat and drink. If you don't eat enough calories every day you will not get bigger.

If you eat too many calories per day you will become fat.

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Therefore it is very important to get a good idea about the right amount of calories that you need. You can use my calculator to get an estimate of your maintenance level. In order to allow muscle growth you should eat a few hundreds of calories more per day. The main building blocks for your muscles are water and protein. The best protein sources are milk, eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day.

To get optimal results you should eat at least 6 meals per day. Each of these meals should contain more or less the same amount of calories, protein, carbs and fat. Use my diet plan excel sheet to determine your caloric need and to design your nutrition plan. Supplements Sports supplements are not a requirement to get maximal bodybuilding results, but they are very handy in helping you to get all nutrients you need every day.

Especially milk protein powder and creatine monohydrate are very handy and affordable substitutes for meat and fish. Whey protein powder is a fast source of protein, ideal for in the morning and right after your workout. Casein protein powder is a slow protein source that should be taken right before going to bed.

Creatine monohydrate is best taken in 3 serving of 2 grams per day. Carbohydrates do not really have to be supplemented as they are abundantly present in many natural food products. However, if you want to add them to your protein shakes I recommend you to use fine milled oats, which is a great source of slowly digesting carbohydrates that also contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

Glucose also called 16 True-Natural-Bodybuilding. In summary, drink a casein protein shake with skimmed milk right before going to bed and a whey protein shake with skimmed milk right after waking up. This ensures enough protein supply for your muscles throughout the night and morning.

Right after your workout drink a glass of orange juice with 40 grams of added dextrose. Fifteen minutes later you drink a whey protein shake with 50 grams of whey, 20 grams of dextrose, ml of orange juice and ml of skimmed milk.

In each of these 3 shakes you add 2 g of creatine monohydrate. Training First of all you need to get a membership to a well equipped gym. Use a 4- or better 5day split routine in which you train each of your muscle groups once per week.

For each of your big muscle groups you do 3 or 4 exercises and for the smaller muscle groups you do 1 or 2 exercises. Every week you change your workout slightly by picking a couple of different exercises or at least by varying their order.

Limit yourself to the basic bodybuilding exercises that have proven to be great muscle mass builders. For each exercise do 4 sets of about 10 quality reps with the heaviest possible weight that you can lift without scarifying good form.

Don't rest longer than 1 minute between subsequent sets for the same muscle group. Perform your repetitions with continuous tension and full range of motion. After the first 1 or 2 warm-up sets make sure you train to failure and add some forced or partial reps at the end of your last set to optimize training intensity and muscle overload. If you are rather new to bodybuilding, gradually build up your condition by starting with some beginner routines.

Learn how to perform the basic exercises correctly by watching the exercise video clips at muscleandstrength. After a year or so you should be able to follow the advanced 4- or 5-day split routines. In order to reach your goals it is very important to take every workout very seriously. Never skip a workout and always train with optimal intensity to reach total muscular exhaustion by the end of your workout.

Try to train harder and more intense every workout by progressively using heavier weights as you get stronger. Only by pushing your limits every workout again your body will be sufficiently challenged to continue growing. Allow yourself 2 or 3 weeks off after every 6 months of training in order to give yourself a chance to recharge mentally and to let your body fully recover from any physical stress accumulated during the past 6 months of heavy training.

Conclusion As said in the introduction of this page, you now know all secrets on how to get big and muscular without using steroids. If you follow the nutrition and training tips and tricks listed on this page you can expect to gain between 5 and 10 pounds of lean muscle 17 True-Natural-Bodybuilding. After 5 years of training that's up to a total of 50 pounds of muscle, which is enough to transform you from a skinny guy into a real powerful athlete.

Whether or not you will be one of the lucky 50 lbs gainers depends on only two things: how well you adhere to the principles summarized above and your genetic potential. Wish you good luck! Nutrition Nutrition is extremely important in bodybuilding, but fortunately it is also very simple. Basically a good bodybuilding diet equals a normal healthy diet plus three big protein shakes per day.

Can it be any simpler? For those of you who didn't learn at school how a normal healthy diet looks like, I recommend you to do some research on the internet. I also advise you to take a look at my section on losing body fat. Calories The total number or calories that you daily eat and drink is very important. If you take in more calories than your body burns, you will gain weight.

If you take in fewer calories than your body burns, you will lose weight. You can try out my calculator to estimate your daily caloric need or a more advanced formula on the internet.

If you want to build muscle mass, your calorie intake should be equal to or a few hundred calories higher than your daily caloric need.

If you want to lose body fat your calorie intake should be equal to or a few hundred calories lower than your daily caloric need. I personally eat about 3, calories per day when I train 5 days per week.

Bodybuilders who are using anabolic steroids consume much more calories; they burn usually about twice as many calories.

The really big bodybuilders who use steroids often eat between 6, and 9, calories per day without gaining any body fat. Note: one gram of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and alcohol contain 4, 4, 9, and 7 calories, respectively. One kilogram 2. Healthy Diet If you want to learn some general things about a healthy diet, please search the internet.

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Below I provide some of my personal opinions on the most important nutrients, and I say something about their relevance in a bodybuilding diet. Water Water is the most important nutrient for almost any living organism. Drinking a lot is healthy, especially for the kidneys. Don't drink too much alcohol, caffeine and sugar containing drinks. Unless your workouts take longer than 1 hour, there is no real need to drink or eat during your workouts.

Protein Protein is without any doubt the most important nutrient for any bodybuilder.

I 19 True-Natural-Bodybuilding. A high daily intake of protein is an absolute requirement to make muscle growth possible, and protein is excellent in reducing the hunger feeling during a low calorie diet. Good sources of protein are milk, eggs, poultry, meat and fish.

Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for bodybuilders as they are easily converted into glycogen, the main form of stored energy in the muscles. Avoid sugars and other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index blood glucose levels increase fast after ingestion, causing an insulin peak.

Good sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, fruit, milk, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and cereals such as oats, wheat and barley. Fat Keep your fat intake limited. Avoid saturated fats, which are usually from animal origin. Good sources of fat are fat fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils such as flaxseed oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids that may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease , olive oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease or sunflower oil rich in vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant that prevents the celldamaging effects of free radicals.

Vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for a good health. However, if you follow a normal healthy diet, especially if you regularly include some grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, you will have plenty of all vitamins and minerals.

Extra vitamins or minerals will certainly not stimulate muscle growth or body fat reduction. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and other addictive drugs I don't believe it is possible to be a successful true natural bodybuilder if you are addicted to any of these drugs, especially nicotine tobacco.

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Protein Shakes Protein shakes are the simplest, least expensive, and most effective way to turn your normal healthy diet into an effective bodybuilding diet. I recommend you to drink three big protein shakes per day in between your other meals.

Each protein shake will then contain about 66 grams of high quality protein, 25 grams of lactose which is a very good carbohydrate with a low glycemic index , maximum a few grams of fat, and a total of about calories.

Adjust the size of your shakes to your personal needs. For those who are lactose intolerant I recommend to use egg protein powder and soy milk, juice or plain water to prepare your protein shakes.

There also exist protein 20 True-Natural-Bodybuilding. When I was still studying at the university and didn't have access to protein powder, I used to drink a gallon 3.

In the mean time I have tried many brands and kinds of protein powder, and I find all of them equally effective. Meal Replacement Shake Let me also present how I make my favorite whole meal shakes that are rich in high quality proteins and carbohydrates, high in fiber, low in fat, full of all necessary vitamins and minerals, and free of chemical additives.

Note that apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and grape juice contain 46, 47, 53 and 60 calories per g, respectively. Orange juice is contains by far the most vitamin B and C. Post-Workout Shake The main energy source for a bodybuilding workout is glycogen.

A total of about gram of glycogen is normally stored in your muscles and another gram in your liver. During an intense bodybuilding workout your body consumes about gram of glycogen, depending on the duration and intensity of your workout.

Also some muscle proteins are broken down during your workout and their amino acids mainly the BCAA's are used as fuel. Scientific studies have demonstrated that during the first 2 hours after a workout your body is able to recover its lost glycogen and muscle protein very fast and efficiently if the necessary nutrients are available in the blood. Although there is no substantial evidence that a fast post-workout recovery results in increased long term muscle gain, it has become popular among bodybuilders to consume a fast digesting nutrient-rich meal shortly after each workout.

As a simple and healthy replacement for the commercially available post-workout supplements, you can drink ml of grape juice shortly after your workout, followed by a whey protein shake 50 g whey, ml orange juice, ml skimmed milk 10 minutes later. This releases a total of about 90 gram of carbohydrates and 50 gram of 21 True-Natural-Bodybuilding.

The glucose and the fructose from the fruit juices serve the glycogen synthesis in the muscles and liver, respectively. The amino acids from the whey protein serve the recovery of the muscle proteins. Bodybuilding Diet Plan Also take a look at my concrete example of a good bodybuilding diet plan and my excel spread sheet you can use to build your own diet plan. Bodybuilding Diet Plan Below I present a good example of a diet plan for a true natural bodybuilder who needs about calories per day.

The diet plan consists of 5 solid meals and 3 protein shakes in between the meals. This results in a total of 8 small meals per day, each two and a half hours apart.

The rest of your calories should mostly come from carbohydrates. Of course there are countless ways to compose the meals in order to get the target calorie and nutrient content. Great sources of protein are non-fat milk products, egg whites, poultry, meat and fish. Good sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, fruit, milk, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and cereals. Good sources of fat are egg yolks, fat fish, and some vegetable sources such as olives, nuts and flaxseed oil.

Variation is a key aspect of every healthy diet; therefore it is advised to change slightly the composition of your meals every day by choosing different meat, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables and cereals. One example is presented below. Kcal Breakfast 2 eggs g wholemeal bread mL orange juice Protein shake 1 banana g mL skimmed milk 30 g milk protein powder Lunch g tuna g pineapple g pasta g olives Protein shake mL apple juice mL skimmed milk 30 g milk protein powder 30 g whole grain wheat flour Dinner g turkey g rice g broccoli Post-workout shake mL orange juice mL skimmed milk 30 g whey protein powder Snack g muesli 99 86 97 41 Protein g Carbs g Fat g If you think you still need more fat, you can easily adjust it by changing some products e.

If you want to build your own diet plan or customize this example to your own needs, please download my bodybuilding diet plan excel spread sheet. Sports Supplements Despite the impressive marketing claims by sports supplement vendors and pro bodybuilders who are sponsored by them, most sports supplements sold to bodybuilders simply do not work.

The only effects they have on you are the placebo effect a positive effect based solely on the power of suggestion and the financial effect you are basically sponsoring the sport when you buy supplements, which is of course a good thing. The only sports supplements of which I believe that they may have real beneficial effects for bodybuilders are those discussed below.

Protein Powders Protein is without any doubt the most important nutrient for building muscle mass. I personally consider protein powder as a normal food product rather than a food supplement because it is derived from natural food products such as milk or eggs and not by chemical synthesis water, olive oil, table sugar and salt are other examples of pure substances that are not considered food supplements. The best protein powders are made from milk whey and casein , or eggs.

Whey proteins are digested by the body within approx 2 hours, egg white proteins within approx 4 hours, and casein proteins within approx 7 hours.

The slowly digesting casein protein powders are often recommended to be taken right before going to bed, while the fast absorbing whey protein powders are preferred in the morning and right after the workout. There also exist milk protein powders referred to as isolates that are very low in lactose and therefore ideal for lactose intolerant people who have problems digesting milk sugar.

And of course Bodybuilding. If you eat enough protein, there is no need to take additional amino acids. Amino acids are rather expensive and 26 True-Natural-Bodybuilding. In the past amino acids have been popular, but in the mean time most bodybuilders have figured out that they are not worth the money. I don't believe that taking BCAA's branched chain amino acids , EAA's essential amino acids arginine, glutamine, or any other amino acid just before, during, or just after your workout will accelerate muscle growth significantly.

Creatine Creatine naturally occurs in the muscles and plays an important role in the energy supply during exercise. The main sources of creatine in your diet are meat and fish. Since the amount of creatine in meat and fish is very low about 5 g per kg and since most of us don't eat big quantities of it, supplementation of creatine may be worth considering. In contrast to most other sport supplements, creatine supplementation definitely has real noticeable effects on your body if taken long enough in large enough quantities.

Some of these effects are definitely interesting for bodybuilders. The levels of creatine phosphate in your muscles increase, resulting in more energy during your workouts. You can do more reps with the same weight. You will be stronger and thus being able to lift heavier weights for the same number of reps. You will feel a more solid pump in your muscles during your workout. You will experience increased stability of the joints, lowering the risk of injuries.

As a result of the above listed effects you should be able to increase the overall intensity of your workouts, which in turn could theoretically result in faster muscle growth. Creatine is however not a magical product. It also has some drawbacks: All the beneficial effects disappear completely a couple of weeks after stopping creatine supplementation. Some people's digestive system gets upset by creatine supplementation, resulting in diarrhoea and insufficient absorption of the creatine supplement by the body.

There are some concerns about possible negative side effects of long term use of large dosages of creatine on for example the kidneys and liver. The pump in your muscles can become so pronounced that it can actually become inconvenient during some endurance exercises or physical labor. People who have high natural creatine levels or eat large amounts of meat and fish may not get additional benefits from creatine supplementation.

Although the 5 beneficial effects that I listed above are in my opinion factually true, so far I didn't see any proof yet that creatine supplementation does really speed up actual muscle growth or can push actual muscle mass to higher levels that could not have been reached without creatine supplementation I use here the term "actual muscle" for 27 True-Natural-Bodybuilding.

When I first tried creatine supplementation I was 25 years old, and full grown in terms of muscle mass.

Creatine supplementation has never been able to help me increase my actual muscle mass beyond that level. Especially the latter effect I like very much because it really helps me to prevent tendon injuries. I get the best effects with a loading phase of 2 weeks with 10 grams of pure creatine monohydrate powder per day, followed by a maintenance dose of 6 grams per day.

All brands of creatine monohydrate are equal. You might consider choosing extra fine milled creatine monohydrate to facilitate its absorption, however, for me it doesn't make any difference. I take my creatine powder 3 or 4 times per day, and take it with plain water, juice or milk. Although I don't think that creatine supplementation has any permanent long term beneficial effects, its short term effects are certainly quite spectacular.

I recommend everybody to try it out at least once to see whether you like it. Carbohydrate Powders During an intense weight training workout the glycogen stored in the muscles and liver is the main energy source.

For optimal strength and endurance during your workouts it is very important that these glycogen supplies are completely restored before starting a new workout. The best moment to replenish exhausted glycogen supplies is during the first 2 hours after the workout.

Easily digestible food products containing lots of fast absorbing carbohydrates high glycemic index are recommended for this purpose. During the rest of the day food products with slowly absorbing carbohydrates low glycemic index are preferred in order to provide a steady supply of energy to the body and to maintain the glycogen supplies.

For those of you who like to optimize their carbohydrate intake there are some very handy carbohydrate powders available that can easily be added to protein shakes. Dextrose Dextrose is another name for glucose, the most important building block of most carbohydrates that occur in our food. Next to fructose and sucrose, glucose is an important sugar present in most fruits.Applying his experience as the only seven-time Mr. The slowly digesting casein protein powders are often recommended to be taken right before going to bed, while the fast absorbing whey protein powders are preferred in the morning and right after the workout.

As of Jan. Contains secrets on how a man, any man Easily digestible food products containing lots of fast absorbing carbohydrates high glycemic index are recommended for this purpose. Other sports such as powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman competitions have as main goal to be as strong as possible rather than being muscular.

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