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Bodyguard Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Bodyguard Training Manual South Africa. Bodyguard Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Author: Thompson Leroy Title: Bodyguard manual Protection techniques of the professionals Year: Link download.

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PCC training manual for ALL custody officers. In addition ALL other staff working within the secure estate will receive training in personal protection. It must be. The PSA's Bodyguard Training Program - considering these needs - offers training and (President's Bodyguard Unit) and the Israeli Security Service. 1. Protective Measures (True North Bodyguards) (Maggie K. Black) · Food Protection Course Training Manual - · VIP Training Manual - Sport New .

Once you have entered your resistance value, press the JustGo key to validate. Repeat this process for each segment.

Press the JustGo key to save your new program. Press the JustGo key to validate. The red line indicates the speed and the green line indicates the level of the profile chosen.

Bodyguard Manual

A flashing orange dot indicates your position throughout the exercise. To select the Soccer program: 1. Once your selection is made, press JustGo key to accept.

Page Heart Rate Monitoring 4. The chest strap enables the computer to monitor your heart rate or beats per minute BPM. This value is displayed on the computer screen and should only be used as a guide in helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. Page 33 All Bodyguard Fitness machines are compatible with Polar wireless heart rate monitor systems.

Each system comprises a chest strap and a receiver. The receiver is built into the machine.

Thompson Leroy - Bodyguard manual

Chest straps are available at all Bodyguard Fitness retailers. If you are having problems with signal reception, consult the troubleshooting checklist below.

Page Computer Diagnostics 1. This message indicates the version of the computer software installed on your computer display monitor. This information is helpful in diagnosing certain computer-related problems.

If you notice that one or more areas on the screen do not light up while you exercise, you should perform this test. A message will be displayed on the scrolling screen indicating whether the sensor is good or bad.

The Bodyguard should be mounted at a height range of 6' 6" to 8' Max. The Bodyguard should be center mounted up above on the header and flush with the bottom of the automatic door header.

This is absolutely necessary to allow the detection pattern to reach back through the threshold area with the Bodyguard is in the open door position. There should be at least 40" 3 Wiring Use the cable that is provided for use with the pin connector as shown or wire the 7-pin terminal block.

If wiring the Bodyguard to a BEA module i. For ease of installation, wire the terminal before attaching it to the Bodyguard.

Aside from placement on the header, the only mechanical adjustment that may be made to the sensor is the angle adjustment. The greater the angle, the farther from the door the pattern will be. After walk testing, if the detection field needs to be changed, then proceed with changes as explained next. To change the angle setting the end caps, lenses, center eye shield and terminal block if it has been wired must be removed.

See a Problem?

Once removed, release the white clips and rotate outward to remove the PCB. Once the PCB is completely removed from the housing, the angle position may be changed.

There are two clips per Bodyguard and the angle must match for each clip on the PCB. The Bodyguard will flash a green LED at a rate of 2 Hz, then it will expire upon a successful set-up in the door closed position.

The Modern Bodyguard: [The Complete Manual Of Close Protection Training]

NOTE: If applying the Bodyguard to a door control that requires a learn cycle upon powering, it is recommended to allow the doors to complete a learn cycle before applying power to the Bodyguard. Activate the door to the full open position.The principal may also be called a VIP — a 'very important per- son'.

A brief history of successful assassinations All plants and animals protect themselves. Zig zag. Press the JustGo key to validate.

Port Louis. For instance, the TL gives the bodyguard clearance to proceed from a car or building. US Secret Service agents always found that their KGB equivalents were among the most competent and most reliable of the foreign protective personnel with whom they worked.

Room-to-room searching Start at the ground level.

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