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Gujarat Driving licence guides you to get Driving licence in Ahmedabad & all over book in english and gujarati to prepare for driving licence exam in india. This is the App for Practicing the Driving Licence Test (RTO Test) for Indian Traffic rules. It is necessary to pass Driving Licence Test to get Learner's Licence in. Learner's Licence Computer Test Question Book. - Gujarati Version Guideline for online Application and Appointment for Learning Licence. (PDF File).

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Get ready for your learner's licence or driving licence test from the comfort of your home - no registration required. Click here to start!. Book Theory Licence B. With free book code valid for 7 days; More than practice questions with the theory; More than test exams; Free forum if you. +book+in+gujarati+pdf+download& Driving.

Getting your Learner licence - how it works

These sample tests really do help you to stay updated in terms of the knowledge required and practical skills that will come handy, which in turn builds confidence. Singh Thakur The mock tests were so helpful, thank you so much. I passed my written test today, such a great relief! Arif Naiyer Thank you so much! I passed my written test today.

There were 20 questions and all were from your question bank. With the help of your practice tests I was able to complete the test in 5 mins only. Feeling great!

Driving licence exam & test book in ENGLISH

I did manage to pass the test but was not prepared for the questions which were related to traffic signs. And hence managed to get 2 correct out of 5 questions related to traffic signs and signals.

And the total number of questions was I just wanted you guys to add some questions related to traffic signs and signals too. The six months is up six months after that date. How do I update my details on my driving test application? If you wish to update your personal details, please email www.

I missed my test what do I do? If you do not attend for your test without cancelling then your fee will be forfeit and you will have to reapply for another test.

Theory test – knowledge exam for a category B licence

An exception is made in cases where you were ill and submit a medical certificate, or where weather conditions were too dangerous for you to attend and you inform us of this, in those situations we will rearrange another appointment. I failed my test, how soon can I get a repeat test? When you fail your driving test you have to reapply.


Generally, the earliest you can get a driving test after failing is at least three weeks afterwards. I failed the test what do I do now?

If you fail your test, the tester will give you a report detailing aspects of your driving that caused you to fail. The tester will provide you with some feedback at the end of the test.

Due to time constraints, this feedback will be brief and will focus on the main areas of note in relation to your driving test. A detailed report issues by email or post depending on your preferred method of correspondence following the test.

You should discuss this report with your driving instructor who can advise on how you should work on the areas of your driving that need attention. You will also receive a certificate indicating that you failed the test; keep it in a safe place as you may need it to renew your learner permit.

If you have recently failed a driving test, you will generally be unable to schedule a further test for a period of three weeks.

If you do not wish to select a test date or if a test date is not available, we will schedule your test appointment for you. I failed my test and want to appeal the decision, what is the process?

You can apply for the test and asked to be put on a cancellation list and if you are available at short notice we can usually provide a test slot for you, you can contact us at www. If you plan to hire a car from a hire company you need to get a confirmation note from the hire company indicating that the car is insured for the driving test.

This must be given to the driver tester on the day of the test. Is there a walk-in service for the driving test? No you must apply for your driving test either online or by post and if you need an urgent test then if you contact us we will try to accommodate you but there is no facility to just go to the centre looking for a test.

How long does the driving test take? The driving test for a car takes approximately 50 minutes and that includes the oral questions, car checks, the driving part and the results and feedback.

Can I drive unaccompanied to my test? No, you must be always accompanied by a fully licensed driver a person who holds a full driving licence for the vehicle for a period of at least two years at all times while driving on a learner permit.

This does not apply to motorcycle or tractor learner drivers. My learner permit is about to expire, what do I do? You need to have a current learner permit in order to sit your driving test.

Where do I get a copy of the Rules of the Road? A downloadable PDF version of the book is also available here.

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How do I find out the pass rate at a specific test centre? Your relative may need to do some driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor.Show correct answers: You may select option ON to show correct answers while exam ongoing.

Thanks for providing very good mock tests and up to date syllabus. And the total number of questions was The driving test for a car takes approximately 50 minutes and that includes the oral questions, car checks, the driving part and the results and feedback.

I failed the test what do I do now?

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