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Download your free study skills eBook with essential study hacks to help you study smarter at university. eBooks. The Online Library has a selection of study skills ebooks. The titles are listed by type below and link directly to the ebooks. You will be asked to enter a. Spend less time studying. Learn the study skills and techniques to get better grades. Our study skills ebook and workbooks lay it out for you.

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Master essential study & learning strategies for ultimate exam success! Recall faster & smarter, study from books, read effectively, learn how to combine study skills Get ahead at work with our collection of personal development eBooks. This is the ultimate guide to study skills, written by international best-selling author Stella Cottrell. Her tried and tested approach, based on over twenty years' . Essential Academic Skills eBook. Second Edition. Kathy Turner ISBN: Binding: Ebook. Published: 1 Feb Availability: Available. Series.

Sample lecture notes. Generating ideas How to brainstorm a topic and create the ideas for your assignment.

Free thinking and capturing data. Analysing questions How to recognise the key words, instruction terms, and the main concept s in a question you have been asked to answer.

How to recognise and avoid common problems. Clear thinking Precision and clarity in the use of language, and how to achieve it.

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Common fallacies of argument, and how to avoid them. Essay planning Analyse the question, generate ideas, choose topics, put them in order, create a plan, find evidence, and choose your best writing strategy.

A sample essay plan.

Clear writing Use simple sentences and vocabulary, avoid jargon, follow conventional punctuation, and adopt a straightforward tone. Writing essays How to write effective introductions, relevant arguments, and conclusions.

The importance of paragraphs in creating the structure of an essay. Presentation How to use footnotes and endnotes, accurate quotations and referencing.

The academic conventions for bibliographies. Traditional abbreviations explained. Revision and exams How to use planning, regular practice, and a revision timetable to reduce the stress of exams.

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Tips for coping in the exam itself. By using mindfulness, the authors blend the latest research with entertaining stories and specific techniques to teach readers how to truly pay Price: Free! Words: 6, Published: August 19, It is beneficial for any kind of exam. Words: 9, Published: April 18, Words: 2, Published: February 1, Words: 1, Published: December 10, Fix that!

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How to decode instructions for any assignment, free. If you don't know the code, you're doomed. The codes are inside. You'll get better grades tomorrow.

Language: English Indian dialect. Published: January 7, Words: 24, Published: April 29, Published: April 27, Words: 7, Published: November 7, It contains essay writing strategies, helpful tips, and a step-by-step process guide.


The second edition has a sample essay and extensive examples of pragraph structure and paraphrasing. Learn how to get the highest grade possible for your work and avoid the mistakes that so many students make.Harry Tolley.

Skip this list. Then, you need this book.

Collaborative Learning: Mark Harris. Writing essays How to write effective introductions, relevant arguments, and conclusions. Study skills.

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