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The Portfolio: An Architectural Student's Handbook. Category: Architecture. pdf download: PDF icon [Katerina_Ruedi_Ray_PhD_in_Architecture, . Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , Katerina Ruedi Ray PhD Architecture and others published The Portfolio: An Architecture Student's. Working as an architect, member of a multidisciplinary team in organization and I am an undergraduate architecture student at N.T.U.A. (National Techni-.

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The portfolio is the single most important part of every architectural student's education. This book proides a complete guide to preparing, compiling and. The Portfolio: An Architecture Student's Handbook (Architectural Students Handbooks) [Katerina Ruedi Ray PhD in Architecture, Lesley Lokko Dip Arch, Igor. "The portfolio is a creative act, showing your skills and imagination, but it is also an act across in terms that working architects and designers can understand.".

This also allows for a large open space for the lobby. Volume Manipulation The entire program volume was then manipulated to provide an ample amount of gardens and green spaces. This also created many spaces for viewing and relaxing. The spatial configuration was determined by the mood and senses the space was trying to evoke.

Waterfalls and streams run throughout the levels and act as a constant sound of nature. Form Manipulation The form of the roof began to follow the form of the program spaces below. Curved Roof The roof was curved in order to best serve the natural ventilation process for the micro climate. The curve controls the direction and circulation of air as it is heated and cooled.

Program Mapping The organization of the program was derived from mapping the required spaces with the type of senses that would be created in each space.


The different senses were first categorized as either being more associated with the mind or body. The program spaces were also categorized into spaces that were either more social or solitary.

The resulting map provided information on the spatial qualities required for each program space. Natural Connection: Place of abundent plantlife.

Social Connection: Open spaces to foster interaction. Memory: Use of materials and imagery to evoke memories.

The portfolio : an architecture student's handbook

Emotion: Range of lighting options and use of textures. Sexual Attraction: Contrast dark intimate spaces with flattering light. Spatial Awareness: Movement through differing spaces. Temperature: Use of both hot and cold water in spa, range of temperature options.

I mentioned previously that you need to curate the content of your portfolio as a way of controlling the story you are trying to convey. It was important to include a few building sections for this project and all you have to do is look at the drawings above to see why.

Models … include at least one While it would seem that fewer and fewer students build models these days, I like to see them in any portfolio I am reviewing.

Looking at a model that you made does more than just allow me to reminisce about the good old days … it tells me something about your attention to detail, your ability to focus on a fairly mind-numbing task for an extended period of time, and I can look at how your model was built from a craft standpoint — which tells me something about you as an individual.

Do you care enough about your work to make sure that things are glued down properly?

That all the teeny-tiny elements are properly aligned to one another? What about your decision-making process on how to articulate the materials within your model? Physical models are just another way for me to evaluate your design aesthetic. You have to decide how to present it, what sort of base is it sitting upon, what shape is the footprint of the model?

I am not judging your architecture, I am examining your thought process about how you communicate an idea and demonstrate pride in your work. For all I know, your studio professor made all the hard decisions for you … or maybe you were the weakest member of the team jointly working on a project.

Most obviously, there is the graphic nature of how these pages are laid out and how the information is presented. Even a dinosaur like me knows what parametric modeling looks like, and I can look at an evolution of decisions being made in how this work is presented.

10 Tips for Creating a Winning Architecture Portfolio

These are very strong pages graphically, with the only apparent item of disconnect being that the bottom right lamp not being rotated to match the graphic directly above it. Show me some sketches, maybe you built a kayak, restored an old car, maybe you take and develop your own pictures I know, who develops pictures anymore?

If someone included a picture of a handmade Stormtrooper costume that they made, it would interest me. Report a problem.

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12 Tips For Making an Outstanding Architecture Portfolio

Lokko, Lesley Naa Norle. Seriously useful guides A Look Inside Summaries.However as provided in the excellent description and breakdown in below video, new and prospective students need to demonstrate that they have the skills, basic understanding and passion for the subject, rather than the physical work to prove it.

This title offers step-by-step advice for students on how to prepare and present their portfolios. Online Available online.

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Be Consistent in your Graphics and Layouts This is the second, and last, major architectural project Danielle included in her portfolio — and I decided to include it only to demonstrate how consistent Danielle was when it came to designing her layouts and then sticking with them through her portfolio. The takeaway here is that you need to rely on your pictures and graphics to draw in the people who are reviewing your portfolio.

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