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your gateway to adventure. Infinite adventure. This PDF is an electronic copy of the first print- ed edition of GURPS Infinite Worlds. All known errata to that edition . PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to buy! Every other GURPS setting is on one of the Infinite Worlds timelines. Pyramid 5 CHARACTER TEMPLATES Call of GURPS Infinite Worlds: Collegio Januari web page is Cthulhu Visit us on the World Wide Web at.

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“Infinite Worlds” campaign, or in conjunction with many other GURPS worldbooks . .. GURPS Alternate Earths presents six fully-developed parallel worlds. Compiled by Kenneth Hite, the master of alternate histories, GURPS Infinite Worlds combines and updates material from GURPS Time Travel, GURPS Alternate. GURPS Infinite Worlds is a supplement for the Fourth Edition of the GURPS role- playing game, .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Friedrich[ edit ] This parallel world is named for the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa , who in this timeline managed to be the great imperial unifier and conqueror that the vagaries of fortune prevented him from being in our history.

In "current year" , seventeen years after his death, Friedrich is notable for being a hotbed of activity by the SS Raven Division from the Nazi-dominated parallel Reich-5, who seek to turn his Holy Roman Empire into a First Reich and breeding ground for Aryan warriors.

Gallatin[ edit ] Gallatin is named for Albert Gallatin , the dominant member of Thomas Jefferson 's government due to Alexander Hamilton having died in the Battle of Trenton. Without Hamilton to defend and explain the United States Constitution in the Federalist Papers , it was never ratified and the independent colonies balkanized into nine separate republics across the continent by In "current year" , Gallatin's great powers include Texas whose nuclear arsenal shields the other libertarian American republics , German-dominated Europaverein, the British Empire , the Soviet Union , and the Japanese Empire ; peace is maintained by the fear of mutual destruction in an atomic war.

Gernsback[ edit ] This parallel world is named after editor Hugo Gernsback , due to the futuristic architecture and technology being used there.

The divergence happened in , when Nikola Tesla married Anne Morgan, daughter of millionaire and philanthropist J. Morgan , an event that helped him to stabilize his life and make many of his inventions reality thanks to the support of his father-in-law.

Worlds of Infinite Worlds

In , he created a radio tower that broadcast to the entire world from Long Island , and he later managed to develop wireless electricity broadcasting, which eventually helped Germany to stabilize and avoid falling under the control of Adolf Hitler and Nazism , and strengthening the League of Nations , avoiding World War II. When, in , Andrei Sakharov managed to defect to the West and tell of Stalin 's plans to create atomic weapons, the League of Nations declared war on the Soviet Union , which fell on April 30, , with the death of Joseph Stalin.

In "current year" , the World Science Council and the League of Nations are putting down all threats to the techno-utopia that has resulted from the inventions derived from Tesla's work.

However, this is a world where race and sex discrimination still run rampant. The main mission of the I-Cops in here is to prevent Centrum from taking over, as Centrum regards Gernsback as a potential ally. Hell Worlds[ edit ] Many timelines have suffered catastrophes some natural, others man-made that have rendered humanity either extinct or nearly so.

These are colloquially known as the "hell worlds". Examples include Ariane where the Spanish flu killed Homeline[ edit ] The main world in the game.

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The world of "our" timeline apart from the development of parachronics and home base of Infinity Patrol, and of players in the game. Seeks to counteract Centrum and its efforts to interfere with natural development of alternate worlds. Lenin-1[ edit ] Here Franklin D. Roosevelt maintained Henry A. Wallace as his vice president when he was reelected in ; consequently Wallace became president on April 12, upon Roosevelt's death.

His passive stance and that of his successors against the Soviet Union resulted in the steady expansion of Communism across the globe.

In the "current year" of , the isolated and malaise-stricken United States is essentially the sole remaining capitalist country on the planet.

Merlin-1[ edit ] Named after the wizard of that name , Merlin-1 is a world where magic entered the world due to the Trinity nuclear test in August In "current year" America where much of the magic is centred uses both magic and technology to be the dominant superpower.

Homeline has begun investigating this world to obtain information about this mana -rich reality, but unbeknownst to them the Merlin-1 American government is aware of their actions and has begun spying on them in return. Merlin-3[ edit ] A world where magic entered the world in , and is centered in Germany. In "current year" , World War II is being fought with magic.

Myth Parallels[ edit ] Many worlds have inhabitants that closely resemble characters from the myths, legends and stories of Homeline.

GURPS 4 E Infinite Worlds Lost Worlds ENG

The characters from the Arabian Nights stories, three different King Arthurs Riothamus , the Vulgate Cycle Arthur, and Thomas Malory's version and Sherlock Holmes are all represented by various worlds, along with hundreds of others.

In the "current year" of , various empires based on slavery and human sacrifice cover the globe except for an Infinity Patrol-supported haven in southern Africa while an anomalous ice age threatens to wipe out those unfortunate to live in a world where monotheism , democracy and the Greek and Latin alphabets were destroyed almost before they could begin.

Puzzle Worlds[ edit ] Some worlds that do not follow the generally accepted laws of physics in one way or another or otherwise demonstrate unusual characteristics—it is important to note that in the Infinite Worlds setting, most magic fits under the category of "accepted laws of physics". Rustic where artificial electric discharges are impossible to generate , Enigma where the entire population of the world disappeared on July 12, and Blip where one day spent there is equal to a little over six minutes on other worlds are some examples.

Drop Your Fire, Fam

Reich-5[ edit ] Widely regarded as one of the most disturbing and potentially dangerous worlds so far discovered, in this parallel Giuseppe Zangara succeeded in assassinating Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Pelley quickly assumed dictatorial powers, and his blatant theft of the election from Robert A.

Taft triggered wholesale civil war. The president called for aid from Nazi Germany , which quickly sent 40 Wehrmacht divisions through Canada. The pro-democracy resistance collapsed after Werner Heisenberg developed the atomic bomb which was used on four American cities in A second attempt at rebellion in failed, and America is now a very junior partner of the World-Axis that dominates the planet.

Reich-5's technology military or otherwise is superior to that of any Homeline country, and despite being the only known timeline besides Homeline and Centrum to possess world-jumping technology, their parachronic program is well behind those of the other two.

In turn, he became the successor to Augustus instead of Tiberius. The imperial line that followed was so successful that when the First Empire fell apart in the 5th century the guiding ideals of Rome were never discarded and were ultimately restored.

After the Mongol invasions broke the Second Empire in the 14th century, colonies in the Hesperides preserved these ideals in turn and ultimately re-restored the empire in the late 18th century. The "current year" is , and the musket-wielding legions of the Third Empire are found from the Magna Campania to the Ganges, with no sign of retreating anytime soon.

The resulting changes in history spread all the way to Japan, where an increased Jesuit presence prolonged the life of Oda Nobunaga and prevented the closing of the country by the Tokugawa shogunate.

In the resulting cyberpunk "current year" of , the dominant powers include a Japanese Empire that covers China, India , New Zealand , and much of East Asia, the economic superpower of Brazil , the totalitarian Swedish Empire and the technologically advanced Kingdom of France.

United States of Lizardia[ edit ] A world very similar to our own, except reptilian creatures descended from a species of Troodon are the dominant sentient lifeform.

The similarities exist down to cultural and political divisions resulting in this world's colloquial name and are assumed by Homeline scientists to be evidence of a "law of temporal inertia" or "gods with a strange sense of humour". Maybe an infinite number. The bad news is, somebody out there doesn't like us.

The shuttles of Infinity Unlimited jump between parallel Earths, seeking adventure, profit, knowledge, and even entertainment. But a parallel called Centrum has also developed the technology to hop between the worlds. The Infinity Patrol must deal with their ruthless rivals, as well as with world-jumping criminals, and with the possibility that the secret of dimension travel might escape to some of the really nasty alternate worlds like Reich GMs can use this to create a whole meta-campaign, or just as an excuse to move characters between worlds when the plot requires it.

This is the complete genre book on both alternative-world gaming and time travel. It offers detailed advice on the unique challenges of running this kind of campaign, and on designing and playing characters who regularly cross between settings.

It also provides a wide variety of suitable threats and hazards — from evil cross-time Nazis and cosmic conspiracies to "ordinary" monsters and disasters. And it gives guidelines for building alternate worlds from the perspectives of the setting, the story, and the rules.

Whether you're playing accidental travelers or the hardened troops of the Infinity Patrol, this book is your gateway to adventure.Reich-5's technology military or otherwise is superior to that of any Homeline country, and despite being the only known timeline besides Homeline and Centrum to possess world-jumping technology, their parachronic program is well behind those of the other two.

This chapter describes how to create your own alternate reality and offering inspirational concepts to look at such as the Great Man, Great Moment, and Great Motherland.

An ill-advised raid by Spetsnaz troops from Homeline Russia resulted in the capture of a troop conveyor, a handful of live prisoners, and the corpse of a scout with a genetically-linked psionic world-jumping ability. The Janiculum is stoutly defended from a Christian kingdom.

They believe other worlds should be aiming to follow their example and have a dedicated program of supporting political and economic groups that reflect their own values—stability, meritocracy and an unconscious prejudice against non-English speakers.

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