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Puzzles To Puzzle You-shakuntala Devi in for more Puzzles To Puzzle You-shakuntala Devi to download in pdf format. more puzzles to puzzle you book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Over brain teasers, riddles and mathematical puzzles . More Puzzles to Puzzle You offers you an exhaustive set of puzzles that are of varied types. They are designed to be challenging and help to.

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by Shakuntala Devi. Preview "human computer". PUZZLES TO PUZZLE. YOU. Shakuntaia Devi. ORI. He took part in the International More P. GOLD FOR ALL OCCASIONS Which -is worth more, a bucket full of . other than the world-renowned mathematical prodigy, Shakuntala Devi. PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU ORIENT PAPERBACKS Shakuntala Devi; 5. Uploaded by. Bhushan Yadav. More Puzzles to Puzzle You. Uploaded by. Yuri Narang. Infosys Shakuntala Devi Interview Puzzles With Answers. Uploaded by.

The world cannot move an inch without mathematics. Every businessman, accountant, engineer, mechanic, farmer, scientist, shopkeeper, even street hawker requires a knowledge of mathematics in the day to day life. Besides man, animals and insects also use mathematics in their day to day existence.

Snails make shells with curious mathematical precision. Spiders produce intricacies of engineering. Honey bees construct combs of greatest strength consistent with the least possible amount of wax.

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This concept is a good way to enhance thes knowledge. Thank u fr d link Amol Kumar Srivastav August 18, at 7: Anonymous September 17, at 2: Amar Bharat Bhopi September 20, at Anonymous October 2, at Rajesh kumar Nayak October 26, at 1: Rocky The Star November 7, at Rohit Khairnar November 22, at 8: Unknown January 23, at 6: After having bought it ooce again she felt that she did not really need the cooker.

So she sold it at the auction for Rs. How much profit did she make? Did she at all make any profit? Can you find the number? I am told that there are three other ways of arranging the numbers so as to produce the same result. Can you find the other three ways? The manufacturer knows the correct weight for a flywheel.

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However, one day one of the machines begins to pro- duce faulty parts—either overweight or underweight. How can the manufacturer find the faulty machine in only two weighings? He bought one type of coffee powder at Rs. That gave him a profit of 25 per cent on the cost. How many kilos of each kind must he use to make a blend of a hundred kilos weight?

I gave them a rupee more than half the money I had in my purse. I must have walked a few more yards when a group of women approaphed me for donations for an orpbange. I gave them two rupees more than half the money I had in my purse.

Then, after a few yards I was approached by a religious group for a donation to the temple they were building. At last when returned to my hotel room, I found that I had only one rupee remaining in my purse.

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How much money did I have in my purse when I started? What are the numbers? The sari cost Rs. I saw an intelligent looking little boy playing all by himself on the grass. I decided to talk to him and just as an excuse to start the conversation I asked him his age.

A mischivious glint flickered in his eyes and he replied, 'Two days back I was ten years old, and next year I shall be thirteen. If you know what's today you'll be able to figure out my birthday and that'll give you my age. How old was the boy? What is the weight of the whole block. They pooled in their savings, which came to Rs 2, They were both lucky, their business pros- pered and they were able to increase heir capital by 50 per cent every three years.

How much did they have in all at the end of eighteen years. I was curious to look around the ship one day and in the boiler room I asked a man how old the ship was. He smiled and replied me in this way: 'The ship is twice as old as its boiler was when the ship was as old as the boiler is now.

And the combined age of the ship and the boiler is thirty years.

More Puzzles By Shakuntala Devi PDF

The 19 ounce container is empty but the 13 and 7 ounce containers are full. How can we measure out 10 ounces by using only the three above mentioned containers? Taking all things into consideration how many were going to market? But if you add 8 to the denominator, the value of the fraction would then become 1.

Can you find this fraction? They both start out on the left foot. How many steps do they have to take before they are both stepping out on the right foot together? She keeps them all in the same drawer in a state of complete disorder.

She has altogether 20 white socks and 20 brown socks in the drawer. Supposing she has to take out the socks in the dark, how many must she take out of the drawer to be sure that she has a matching pair? Now how should the executor divide the land between Rashmi and Mala in a fair manner?

He took out a coin from his pocket and said to me, 'Heads I win, tails I loose. I'll bet half the money in my pocket.

He repeated the bet again and again each time offering half the money in his pocket. The game went on for quite some time. I can't re- collect exactly how long the game went on or how many times the coin was tossed, but I do remember that the times he lost was exactly equal to the number of times that he won.

What do you think, did he, on the whole, gain or loose? The response was good. One hundred people applied for the position.

The company, however, wanted to make their selection from the applicants who had some training in both mathematics and literature. Of the one hundred applicants the company found that 10 of them had had no training in mathematics and no training in literature.

Seventy of them had had some mathematical training and 82 had had some in literature. How many applicant shad had training in both mathe- matics and literature? PROBLEM FROM LILAVATI Here is an ancient problem from Bhaskaracharya's Lilavati: Beautiful maiden, with beaming eyes, tell me which is the number that, multiplied by 3, then increased by three- fourths of the product, divided by 7, diminished by one- third of the quotient, multiplied by itself, diminished by 52, the square root found, addition of 8, division by 10 gives the number 2?

Well, it sounds complicated, doesn't it?

The Book of Numbers.pdf - SHAKUNTALA DEVI'S NUMBEBS...

No, not if you know how to go about it. The distance from the foot of the ladder to the wall is 9 feet. How long should the ladder be? I was cu- rious to know how many of each he had.

I stopped the car and inquired.

Leaning on the stile jovially, he replied,'I have alto- gether 60 eyes and 86 feet between them. What do you think is the answer?

So when he came the next morning I demanded an explanation from him. He told me the following story: The previous morning when he just came out of the house carrying a basketful of eggs oh his head to start his daily rounds and stepped on to the street, a car going full speed brushed against him and knocked down his basket destroying all the eggs.

The driver, however, a thorough gentleman admitted his responsibility and offered to compensate him for'damages. But Rasool could not remember the exact number of eggs he had, but he estimated the number at between 50 and He was also able to tell the gentleman that if the eggs were counted by 2's and 3's at a time, none would be left, but if counted by S's at a time, 3 would remain, and that he sold the eggs at SO paise a piece. How much did the gentleman pay Rasool?

A society of farmers who own farms in the vicinity of my home town Bangalore, planned on holding a raffle and persuaded me to buy a ticket. The value of the ticket was Rs. As I did not want to pay the entire amount myself, I asked my friend Radha to chip in with me, and offered to share with her in proportion the prize bounty— if there was going to be any.

She paid Rs. As luck would have it—Bingo! Niether of us knew what to do with the sheep Where would we take them in the first place? Neither of us had had any train- ing as shepherds! So we decided to sell the sheep back to the farmers. As per our original understanding 20 of the sheep belonged to Radha and 30 were mine.

However, I decided that we had won the prize because of our combined luck, and so we should divide its value equally. The sheep—30 of mine and 20 of Radha's—were sold, each at the same-price, and I paid her Rs.

What was the value per sheep? I decided to have it seen to. Was my watch gaining or losing time, and how much per hour? Just when the trains' start out, a falcon leaves the first train and flies directly to the other train, and as soon as it reaches the second train, the bird starts back towards the first train.Pi'Y-8 I gave them a rupee more than half the money I had in my purse.

Supposing she has to take out the socks in the dark, how many must she take out of the drawer to be sure that she has amatching pair? Tarun Khemani rated it it was amazing May 27, Of the one hundred applicants the company found that 10 of them had had no training in mathematics and no training in literature.

With this data can you find out what were the respec- tive ages of the boys and how many nuts each got? Now how should the executor divide the land between Rashmi and Mala in a fair manner?

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