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Numerology reading PDF, complete numerology profile, download numerology report PDF for free, personalized numerology and astrology detailed predictions . ISBN: Language: Hindi. Size: inch X inch. Pages: Items Related to सरल अंक ज्योतिष: Simple Numerology (Hindi | Books). Numerology in Hindi - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

A positive outlook alone won't get you too far. A person who thinks with his head is very different to someone whose life is ruled by his heart - and someone who thinks with his body is far more likely to act on physical impulse than either of those two.

If you can learn to draw your grid so it looks like this: - then you're already there. Practice drawing empty grids like this with the stick man and the word 'TWO'. Once you've learned how to do that, try and write in every arrow with its meaning as well, not forgetting the diagonals, and especially not forgetting that there are negative as well as positive arrows.

Within no time you'll be able to remember all of this without even having to use the memory aids. But you may still want to draw the stick man and the other word 'TWO', just because they actually look quite interesting! Arrow Examples Here are some drawn examples for us to practice our arrow reading skills on. What can we say about this first example? In this example we can see a positive arrow going down the middle column, and a negative arrow going down the right hand column.

So this shows someone who has the willpower but struggles to find ways of making this work in the real world because of his less than positive outlook. Here's another example. What can we say about this person's arrows? In this example there is only one negative arrow going diagonally from top left to bottom right, the Arrow Of Willpower.

As it is a negative arrow this shows that the person struggles with getting what he wants when he wants it. And another example. What about this grid? In this example we have two positive arrows, the Arrow Of Will from top to bottom and the Heart Arrow from left to right.

So we have someone who is able to get things done but at the same time shows great compassion - this person gets what he wants by helping others at the same time. You may have noticed that when there are two arrows I have combined their meanings when I talk about them.


For instance 'You have the willpower shown by the Arrow of Willpower but sometimes struggle because of your negative outlook shown by a negative Arrow Of Outlook '. The idea of comparing traits like this is very useful. Grid And Arrow Exercises See if you can give readings for these three grids by finding their arrows. Don't forget to remember the drawing of the man and the number written under the grid - this will help jog your memory. Exercise One: Exercise Two: Exercise Three: There now follows ten birth dates for you to practice your grid making and arrow reading skills on.

Firstly, start with a fresh sheet of paper and see if you can create a Lo Shu Magic Square from memory, as you were taught at the start of this book. Then take each of the following birth dates one at a time, writing each of them into a new grid before seeing which arrows if any each one has. Then, using what you have learned about the meanings of the arrows in the previous chapters, see if you can come up with something different to say for each grid.

If you find that some of the grids have more than one arrow, compare the arrows and describe how these different traits either compliment or distract from one another. What can you say about people born on these dates?

For instance, some people have lucky numbers that they've picked up over the years. Others may have noticed that certain numbers have cropped up time and time again in their lives. You may find people that haven't noticed any patterns at all with the numbers in their lives - you may have to give these people a little help in coming up with some personal numbers. We need a handful of numbers to play with, so as an example here are the numbers I would offer someone if they were to ask me which numbers had played a significant part in my life: 36 - because it was my school number at two different schools completely by chance 28 - because it was my house number during a particularly happy part of my childhood 14 - because it's my house number at the moment I think it's important to try and use numbers that people can easily recall.

It's surprising how many interesting numbers people can come up with after giving them a little encouragement, even if at first they can't think of any. Here are three questions you can ask to extract some interesting numbers from people: 1. Do you have a lucky number? Do you have any numbers that have cropped up in your life repeatedly? Can you recall any house numbers that you've lived at where you were particularly happy?

This is usually enough to get a handful of numbers from someone. We are aiming to get about 5 or 6 single numbers in total, so in the example I gave of 36, 28 and 14 we have the single digits which are plenty to work with - it's about the same amount of numbers you get when you use someone's birth date. If I put these numbers on the second grid, using the Lo Shu Square for reference as usual, we get a grid that looks like this: Hopefully by now you will easily be able to spot arrows on the grid.

Straight away we can see there are two positive arrows on this grid, the Arrow Of Thought and the Action Arrow.

The first grid shows what people were born with, but this second grid shows what they have actually done and achieved and how life has changed and moulded them. By comparing the first grid with the second grid we can make all kinds of interesting comparisons.

The Arrow Of Thought shows someone who has spent their life doing a lot of thinking, and the Action Arrow shows that a lot of action has taken place - the person has drive. So during their life this person has thought things through and put things into practice.

Perhaps early in life the person was somewhat thoughtless with their head in the clouds, but as their life progressed they engaged their mind a lot more and put a lot more thought into what they were doing? The first grid has a positive Arrow Of Outlook, but in the second has a positive Action Arrow instead.

Could it be that the person has become jaded as they have moved through life, yet have managed to take serious action in the physical world to make things happen against all odds?

I'm sure you can see what I'm doing here. By having a grid from the past and a grid from someone's ongoing life you can make all kinds of great comparisons. If you were like this talking about first grid then how did you come to be like this now talking about second grid?

If you had these kinds of problems through your life second grid , where did they stem from first grid? You will find that some arrows appear twice. Some will disappear. Negative arrows will turn into positive ones and vice-versa. With only two grids and using the arrows alone you have a huge amount to talk about with the person you're giving the reading to. Let's get on to creating the third grid to bring the reading right up to date.

Grid Three - Mobile phone number The third grid we create is going to be identical to the first two but this time we are going to use numbers from the person's mobile phone number. A person's mobile number is usually the most current number in their life, and sometimes people go to great lengths to choose a number they like.

At other times it's entirely random but it really doesn't matter - what matters is that you have an extremely recent and relevant number to make a third grid with. This third grid is all about 'now'. As an example, here is a fictitious phone number - We ignore the first part of the number as this is common to the entire mobile network. We concentrate on the last part of the mobile number which in this case is We draw a grid like the other two and put these numbers into it which looks like this: Once again we check to see if there are any arrows in this grid, and we find a diagonal arrow from top left to bottom right - the Arrow Of Spirituality, and an arrow across the top of the grid - the Head Arrow.

Don't forget that these arrows have appeared using the most current number in the person's life. These arrows are about the present moment, and the person may or may not feel their influence. Perhaps these two arrows are an indication that the person should follow their more spiritual pursuits? Or could it be that their creative ideas are about to bear fruit, represented by the Head Arrow?

Dealing with the third grid is a lot more vague, yet at the same time more interesting than the other two. We can see where the person has been in the previous two grids, but the arrows in the third grid could show where the person is headed, whether they realise it or not.

Comparing The Arrows On All Three Grids We've already compared the first two grids together, so now let's introduce the third and look at them all at the same time - the birth date grid, the lucky number grid and the mobile number grid. By this point our three grids look like this, and in this picture we can see the arrow names written under each grid for the first time: Now we have three grids and six sets of arrows to compare.

It won't always be like this - sometimes you will have fewer arrows, and very occasionally you may have more. Regardless, you've still got a lot to go on, and we haven't even begun to discuss the numbers themselves yet!

Items Related to सरल ठंक ज्योतिष: Simple Numerology (Hindi | Книги)

Of course there is a correlation between 'Thought' and 'Head' so to me this suggests that we have someone that throughout their life has become more and more cerebral. Initially, according to the - Thought, they were somewhat thoughtless, didn't think things through too much, but during their life this changed and they became more thoughtful even careful.

The only negative arrow - Thought appeared in the first grid, this is also interesting as they have usually managed to be positive throughout their life. Perhaps it's that same positive outlook going running through their life from an early age?

This signifies a lot of effort, so it appears that during their life up to now they've been getting busy. Perhaps the person is about to enter a different phase of their life? They may not be aware of it, but perhaps the numbers are on to something? Who knows?

It will all become apparent when you start to give readings to real people and you will find that they are using extremely forthcoming in helping you decipher the arrows.

Three Grid Exercises Here are some practice exercises featuring three grids in each. Don't forget the leftmost grid is the birth date grid, the middle one the lucky number grid, and the rightmost grid is the mobile number grid. See if you can give a reading out loud for each of these sets. Three Grid Exercise 1: Three Grid Exercise 2: Three Grid Exercise 3: Now you've had practice at reading three grids at a time, see if you can create the following readings from scratch using your memory only to draw the Lo Shu Square, fill in the grids and spot the arrows!

Birthdate: 29th November - Lucky numbers: 20, 3, 99 - Mobile number 2. Birthdate: 5th May - Lucky numbers: 18, 8, 61 - Mobile number 3.

Birthdate: 7th September - Lucky numbers: 3, 69, 4 - Mobile number 4. Birthdate 18th August - Lucky numbers: 44, , 16 - Mobile number 5. Birthdate 12th December - Lucky numbers: 22, 11, 8 - Mobile number Number Meanings By this point in the book you should know how to make a Magic Lo Shu Square, how to create three types of grids and how to read the arrows on each grid.

Now we come to the numbers themselves. As you are probably aware, the numbers in numerology each have their own meaning.

Here is a very brief list of the meaning of each number. Don't worry about memorising this for now, you'll pick it up as you go. Beginnings 2.

Ank Vidya Rahasya PDF Download

Cooperation 3. Expansion 4. Security 5. Activity 6. Communication 7. Spirituality 8. Inspiration 9. Changes Success Note: These are also the number meanings I explain in my book Cartomancy - Fortune Telling With Playing Cards and once you've learned the meanings of the numbers you're halfway to being able to give incredibly in-depth playing card readings.

Knowing something about numerology is very useful when it comes to learning other systems. The more of a number on a person's grid you can see, the more of an influence that number has. It's fairly common to get two of the same numbers on a grid, slightly less with three and you almost never get four of the same number on a grid. However, when you look at all three grids at the same time it's a different matter - you can find that some numbers are really abundant and you may have four, five or even six of the same number across all grids.

One of the best things about having all the numbers laid out in three grids is it only takes a glance to see which numbers repeat and which numbers never appear at all - a quick scan and you can easily see which squares are dense and which squares are vacant. To get a better grip on all of this we're going to write the numbers 1 to 9 in a separate column underneath these grids. This will enable us to easily compare the numbers in a simple list.

Here is our example set of three grids again: So we go through, looking at the numbers from one to ten, writing the number in a different row each time we see it.

Do the 1's first, then the 2's, and repeat for the other numbers. So for our example we end up with a list like this: 33 44 5 7 8 99 We can now easily see which numbers repeat the most - and least. We have three each of 1, 2 and 6 and only one each of 5, 7 and 8. If we write the number meanings alongside each column we get this: Beginnings Cooperation 33 Expansion 44 Security 5 Activity Communication 7 Spirituality 8 Inspiration 99 Changes So we can see that the most abundant numbers in this person's life refer to beginnings, cooperation and communication.

We can also see that the numbers that refer to activity, spirituality and inspiration are the ones most lacking. There isn't one number that's most dominant, and there's no number that's missing - all the numbers from one to nine are represented. Sometimes you will find that a number is completely missing, and at other times one number will be more prevalent than the others.

Here's what the completed chart looks like: What can we say about it all? Here's a few paragraphs that you could say to explain these grids to someone. Notice how I not only talk about the numbers that appear the most and the least, but also refer back to the grids to see if the numbers appear in all of the grids, or just some of the grids.

You might have a lot of one number in the first two grids and none in the third, for instance. By doing this you can talk about which period of a person's life the numbers have had the most influence. Ones are all to do with beginnings and starting new ventures and they appear in the first and second grids, so you've had to start over quite a few times in your life.

The number two appears in every single grid and as it's all to do with cooperation this has been an important influence in your life and will continue to be so - whether you know it or not, cooperation is important for you.

The fact that there are three sixes with one in each grid isn't that surprising when you consider that this is the number of communication, which goes hand in hand with cooperation. You may not be aware of these influences, I am just telling you what I see. As the five has appeared in your most current grid this signifies that you're currently or about to be going through a lot more activity than you have been used to in the past - things are going to start moving, or have already started.

With the seven only appearing once in the first grid this would suggest that you started out a lot more spiritual than you later came to be - perhaps you've became jaded over the years? It also looks like that you were most inspired leading up to the present moment - I'm not saying that all inspiration is going to leave you, but perhaps it suggests you need less inspiration and more application in the future.

Having that solitary eight in the centre grid is interesting, perhaps you find inspiration a fleeting thing? I see here that the number three is in the last two grids.

This means expansion - things have been taking shape and are growing now and into the future. The number four is also in these last two grids and four is the number of security, so as things grow they become more secure. This could be all part of the same thing and might show that as plans take shape they give you a firmer footing for the future. The only number that appears once in the first grid and once in the third grid is the number nine - the number of change.

So there were big changes afoot in your life when you were very young, and you're either going through some big changes now or will be in the near future, and they might have some relevance to your past or be connected in some way. As you go through the numbers slowly and deliberately you will be creating a dialogue with the person whose numbers you are reading and they will be able to fill in many of the gaps themselves.

Let the person speak, and see what else they come up with that could shed some light on the numbers - they know their own lives a lot better than you do, so it is up to you to guide them through the reading you are giving them, as opposed to simply telling them what the numbers mean as if it was all cast in stone.

You need to get a conversation going, and talk about what it all means between the two of you. Learning The Numbers I've shown you how to give a reading now, using the simplest meanings for the numbers. The biggest problem for most people is in actually learning what the numbers mean.

It shouldn't be difficult given that there are only nine numbers, yet for one reason or another getting the meanings of the numbers to actually stick in the mind is sometimes harder than it looks.

The following section is taken directly, with a few tweaks here and there, from the numerology section of my Cartomancy book.

It's fairly exhaustive and as far as I am aware it is one of the simplest frameworks to understand and remember what all the numbers mean. If you have already read the Cartomancy book then hopefully you will already have learned what all the numbers mean and are ready to go! If not then the following text should hopefully get you up and running in no time. Even though numerology readings such as the one described in this book ignore the zero, I have included the numbers one through ten in the next section so you can learn the full cycle of the numbers.

Knowing what the number ten signifies will stand you in good stead should you learn some other reading systems in the future. The numbers one to ten each have their own significance yet for many people remembering what they each signify can be a real chore - numbers can appear abstract and devoid of meaning and on their own they aren't particularly evocative.

We need to learn to get 'visual' with our numbers and aim to connect as much meaning to them as possible. When you see a number you need a whole array of ideas, concepts and images to come to mind. If you know nothing about numerology then it's probably the case that when you see a number it's just that - a number. We need to get creative with our visualising so we can actually learn, with practice, what the numbers mean.

Here are the basic meanings of the numbers one through ten: 1. Success The numbers one to ten go through a cycle and the 10 at the end is in many ways similar to the 1 at the start - the 10 is the realisation of all that the 1 can be. If you think of all the numbers going around in a big circle starting and ending on the 1 like a clock you get the idea - the ten becomes a one again and the cycle repeats.

This is analogous to the 'life cycle' that we all go through. Think about this little story for a moment. We all begin alone 1 we couple up 2 and bring life into the world 3 before we make a home with four walls 4.

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